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Often eat letinous edodes can prevent a variety of cancer

Updated: Saturday, Jul 09,2016, 2:18:19 PM
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Mushrooms are fungi food. Mushrooms contain a "beta - Grape glycosidases" material, can strengthen the body's antitumor effect. Studies have shown that mushroom anticancer rate reached 80% - 95%, often eat mushrooms can prevent many types of cancer, for a variety of malignancies such as leukemia and esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and other have significant effect. At the same time, it also belongs to a kind of dietetic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine.

Singapore researchers also found that the Flammulina velutipes and fresh mushrooms contain certain substances can improve human immunity, help for prevention and treatment of cancer. Singapore National University College of medicine, researchers found that mushroom stems within a protein can stimulate natural anticancer mechanisms in patients with cervical cancer, thereby enabling patients to rely on their own immune system to fight the cancer cells. Found mushrooms mushrooms contain polysaccharides have many immune boosting properties, such as enhanced natural killer cells, and improve immune function, prevention and treatment of cancer. Natural killer cells are special forces in the immune system, which can identify the cells and cancer cells infected by the virus and kill them. Experiments show that consumption of 7 days Xianggu mushroom polysaccharides in mice after injection of cancer cells, 95% of the tumors was inhibited; just suffering from cancer rats in edible mushroom polysaccharide body, the tumor reduced 85%.

Cancer in the early stage, often eat letinous edodes, can inhibit its development, and even make it disappear. This is because letinous edodes not only contains polysaccharides, but also contains interferon inducer double stranded RNA, can enter cancer cells to inhibit its proliferation. After a variety of cancer surgery, continuous consumption of letinous edodes, but also to prevent the metastasis of cancer cells. Tricholoma matsutake contains more than ten kinds of effective anticancer component. The polysaccharides of Tricholoma matsutake is the strongest of helper T lymphocyte stimulating agent, it can effectively inhibit the growth of cancer cells, with strong anti radiation, anti tumor activity, anti radiation damage body cells and inhibiting effect on tumor cell proliferation, and absorption and excretion of carcinogens and prevent chemicals, radiation and virus carcinogenic.

Letinous edodes is delicious and anti-cancer, table delicacies, but also need to pay attention to the note of edible mushrooms:

Letinous edodes suitable for the crowd: the general population can be eaten. Anemia, resistance force low immunity, and patients with high blood lipids, hypertension patients, arteriosclerosis patients, patients with diabetes, cancer patients, nephritis patients edible; the spleen and stomach cold damp stagnation or itchy skin disease patients eat.

Letinous edodes practice guidance:

1 made a good letinous edodes to be placed in the refrigerator freezer will not lose nutrition;

2 bubble hair letinous edodes water do not discard, a lot of nutrients are dissolved in water;

3 letinous edodes bubbles in the water, with chopsticks gently beat, the sediment will fall into the water;

4 if letinous edodes is relatively clean, as long as the rinse with water, so you can save letinous edodes flavor.

As many as 18 of the amino acids in the letinous edodes protein, 7 of the 8 essential amino acids in the human body. Letinous edodes also contains the amount of glutamic acid, combined with a variety of sugars on the production of a unique letinous edodes sweet.

Often eat mushrooms can prevent many types of cancer, tumor patients is also true, eating mushrooms can enhance the body's immunity, in a certain extent dig the growth and spread of cancer cells, help the rehabilitation of patients, efficacy of Xianggu mushroom (Lentinus edodes) everyone wants to have certain understanding, also hope that friends can keep a good living habits, to enjoy a healthy life!

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