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Lung cancer will become the highest incidence of cancer in men

Updated: Monday, Jun 29,2015, 4:10:11 PM
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Some people say that smoking is a waste of life. What do you mean by that? Because the smoke sucked into the many toxic substances, they enter the lungs, constantly does not damage the lungs, eventually evolved into the lung cancer, a threat to our lives, when you enter the lung cancer during this period, how to treat our lungs? Lung cancer has become the world's first "cancer killer", lung cancer will be Chinese men are most likely to suffer from cancer, and the incidence rate in the rising trend, so must cause the male vigilance, we must try to drink less, smoke less and can't take the pressure.

Forty or fifty year old patients with lung cancer

Lung cancer is one of the highest incidence and mortality in the world. According to statistics, 5 of patients with malignant tumor, there is a person died of lung cancer. In China, the situation is even more shocking. According to the latest statistics released in 2012, lung cancer incidence and mortality rate of male cancer first, female cancer incidence and mortality of the first second.

It is worth noting that the incidence of lung cancer, high mortality, while the age of onset is younger and younger. According to statistics, the average age of lung cancer in the United States is 67 years, while in China, forty or fifty years of age, but more and more patients with lung cancer. As to why patients appear younger trend, experts say, is the number of smoking is still a lot, but tobacco is one of the important etiological factors of lung cancer; second, in rural areas, using rice straw, etc. do fuel soot is caused by lung cancer causes. At present, the city air pollution is serious, the haze has become the third major cause of lung cancer.

The incidence of lung cancer is so high, however, the public awareness of lung cancer is far from enough, there are many errors in the diagnosis of lung cancer, but also the lack of due attention. Experts said that the clinical manifestations of lung cancer is not very typical, sometimes very like a cold, fever and other symptoms, so it is not easy to cause alarm, often overlooked by patients. Common clinical symptoms include cough, hemoptysis, dyspnea, chest pain, obstructive pneumonia, weight loss, etc.. Once the above symptoms, should be enough attention, should be early medical treatment.

What is the treatment of lung cancer

(a) chemical therapy

Chemotherapy is the primary treatment for lung cancer, and more than 90% of lung cancer is treated with chemotherapy. The efficacy of chemotherapy for small cell lung cancer in early or late are more certain, and even has about 1% of early stage small cell lung cancer treated by chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is the primary means of treatment of non-small cell lung cancer, chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer, tumor remission rate of 40% ~ 50%. Chemotherapy can not cure the non small cell lung cancer, can only extend the survival of patients and improve the quality of life. Chemotherapy is divided into treatment chemotherapy and adjuvant chemotherapy. Chemotherapy should be selected according to different chemotherapy drugs and different chemotherapy regimens according to different types of lung cancer tissues. Chemotherapy can kill tumor cells, but also damage the normal cells of human body. Therefore, chemotherapy should be carried out under the guidance of tumor specialist. The role of chemotherapy in lung cancer in recent years has been no longer limited to patients with advanced lung cancer, and is often used as a comprehensive treatment for lung cancer treatment. Chemotherapy can inhibit the bone marrow hematopoietic system, mainly white blood cells and platelets, it can be used for the treatment of granulocyte colony stimulating factor and platelet stimulating factor. Chemotherapy is divided into treatment chemotherapy and adjuvant chemotherapy.

(two) radiation therapy

1 treatment principle

Radiotherapy for small cell lung cancer is the best, squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma of the worst. Radiotherapy for lung cancer should include the primary foci and the lymph node metastasis. At the same time, supplemented by drug therapy. Squamous cell carcinoma has a moderate sensitivity to radiation, and the lesions are mainly localized, and the metastasis is relatively slow, so it is treated by radical treatment. Adenocarcinoma of the prostate is less sensitive to the rays, and is easy to be transferred from the blood, so it is seldom used in the treatment of radiation. Radiotherapy is a kind of local treatment, often requires combined chemotherapy. The combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be regarded as the patient's condition, and the method of synchronous radiotherapy and chemotherapy or radiotherapy is the method of chemotherapy.

2 classification of radiotherapy

According to the different purposes of treatment, the treatment, palliative care, preoperative neoadjuvant radiotherapy, adjuvant radiotherapy and brachytherapy, etc..

3 complications of radiotherapy

The complications of radiotherapy for lung cancer include radiation, radiation esophagitis, radiation pulmonary fibrosis and radiation myelopathy. There was a positive correlation between the radiation therapy related complications and radiation dose, but also the individual difference.

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