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Impotence should eat what

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 02,2013, 3:45:48 PM
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This symptom is manifested as inability to have an erection of the penis or lack of copulative power in males. According to the theory that kidney is the organ to make the penis erect, TCM considers it in most cases as insufficiency of the kidney-.yang, therefore the drugs having the functions of reinforcing the kidney and strengthening the yang are chosen to treat it so as to promote its recovery. Medicated diet has a better curative effect on impotence.

Common Type of Syndrome
Insufficiency of the Kidney-rang Manifested as impotence, dizziness, tinnitus, soreness in the loins and knees, lusterless complexion, listlessness, pale tongue with thin white fur, deep and thready pulse.
Dietetic Chinese Drugs                                
Loach (Misgurnus Anguillicaudatus) Get several fresh loaches, remove the entrails and wash them clean. Cook them until they are done. The fish is to be eaten and the soup to  be drunk.
Sparrow (Passer Montanus Saturatus) Stew its meat until it is done. Eat3to5aday.
rang Shi Zi, also known as "yang wai sheng" in TCM, the testicle of a sheep (Ovis aries) or a goat (Capra hircus)  Get fresh testicles and wash them clean; they can be eaten either boiled or stir-fried, or made into pills or powder for oral administration.
Gou Bian, the penis and testicle of a dog (Canis Familiaris) Dry over a fire three "gou bian" (better to use those of strong dogs) on a tile and grind them into fine powder. To be taken with yellow rice or millet wine, 3g each time, for the treatment of severe cases who have been treated for a long time but not cured.
Lu Bian, the penis and testicle of a male sika deer or red deer Get them when deers are killed; get rid of the remaining flesh and fat, and dry them in wind for later use. Fresh ones can also be used. One for each day when it is used alone to make gruel for eating, about 15g a day if ground into powder for oral administration.
Gecko (Gecko) Soak a pair of geckoes in alcoholic drink for drinking, a right amount per day. Geckoes have the same functions as androgenic hormones and estrogenic hormones; its rear part is most effective for restoring yang.
Sea horse (Hippocampus) Soak a pair of sea horses in an alcoholic drink for two weeks. It is to be drunk regularly.
Aspongopus (Aspongopus) Fry 30g of aspongopus in cooking oil, mix it with powder of pricklyash peel (Pericarpium ganthoxyli) and a little table salt. To be taken with alcoholic drink or warm boiled water after chewed. Fragrant and tasty,
it is effective to eat much.
Sea shrimp (Macrobrachium Nipponense) Soak 100g of it in alcoholic drink. It can be taken either raw after they are killed by the drink or stir-fried in a little cooking oil and with a bit table salt.
Miscellanies drugs   Such as chives (Herba Allii Tuberosi), walnut kernel (Semen Fuglandis), sparrow eggs, mutton, sea cucumber, mussel (M.ytilus Crassitesta) and others, all have some curative effect on impotence; any of them can be chosen for eating.

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