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Impotence of dietary therapy of TCM

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 02,2013, 3:53:20 PM
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Composite Medicated Diet
Thick Loach Soup
loach, Misgurnus Anguillicaudatus  250g
lard, Lardum right amount
black pepper powder,Pulvis Fructi Piperis   Nigri    a little
table salt  a little
PROCESS  Cook soup with the loach and the lard, when it is done, season it with the black pepper powder and salt before eating.
Sparrow Meat Fried with Pricklyash Peel and Salt
sparrow, Passer Montanus Saturatus  3 to 5
pricklyash peel powder, Pulvis Pericarpii Zanthoxyli
vegetable oil
table salt
Fry the sparrows in vegetable oil and season them with a little pricldyash peel powder and table salt when they are done.
To be taken with warm alcoholic drink after chewed.
Gruel of Sparrow Meat and Millet
sparrow, Passer Montanus Saturatus  5
millet, Semen Setariae Italicae     100g
Chinese green onion, Bulbus Allii Fistulosi  a little
pricklyash peel, Pericarpium Zanthoxyli
cooking oil
table salt
rice wine  a cup
PROCESS First stir,fry the sparrows in cooking oil, when they are done, cook them in the rice wine for a short while; then make gruel with the cooked sparrows, the millet and a right amount of water, and when the gruel is almost done, season it with Chinese green onion, cooking oil, table salt and pricklyash peel.
To be taken before meals.
Sea Cucumber and Mutton Soup (Haishen rangrou Tang)
sea cucumber, Stichopus ]taponicus (cubed) 250g
mutton (cubed)   250g
fresh ginger, Rhizoma gingiberis Recens
table salt
Stew the first two ingredients together.
Season it with fresh ginger and table salt before it is eaten.
River Shrimps Stir-Fried with Chives
chive, tIerba Allii Tuberosi  120g
fresh river shrimps, Macrobrachium Nipponense 200g
cooking oil   right amount
table salt    right amount
Stir-fry them in cooking oil and with table
To be taken orally.
Shrimp and Gecko Powder
dried shelled shrimps   500g
gecko, Gecko    a pair (about 120g)
common fennel fruit, Fructus Foeniculi  60g
pricklyash peel, Pericarpiura Zanthoxyli  60g
table salt   10g
plain spirits  200ml
First parch all the ingredients together until they become sweet-smelling and crisp, and then grind them into fine powder.
To be taken with warm boiled water, twice a day, 3g each time.
Gecko and Psoralea Fruit Powder
gecko, Gecko   a pair
psoralea fruit, Fructus Psoraleae  25g
alcoholic drink 
PROCESS Stir-fry the geckoes in alcoholic drink and dry them over a fire, and then grind the geckoes and the psoralea fruit into fine powder.
DIRECTIONS To be taken with warm alcoholic drink, 1.5g each time.
Mutton Seasoned with Garlic
Mutton 250g
garlic, Bulbus Allii  15g
cooked oil
soy sauce
capsicum fruit, Fructus Capsici
PROCESS Boil the mutton and cut it into slices after it is done; then pound the garlic; finally mix well all the ingredients: the mutton, the garlic, the cooked oil, the capsicum fruit, the soy sauce and the table salt.

DIRECTIONS It is for eating.
Gruel of Bark of Chinese Cassia Tree and Rice
polished rice, Semen Oryzae Sativae 60g
bark of Chinese cassia, Cortex Cinnamomi
 Make gruel with the rice, when it is half done, put in the powder of the bark.
To be taken twice a day.
Walnut Kernel and Chestnut
walnut kernel, Semen Fuglandis    right amount
chestnut, Castanea      right amount
Pound the walnut kernel and the parched. shelled chestnut and mix them with sugar.
It is to be taken orally.
Epimedium Spirits
epimedium, Herba Epimedii   60g
plain spirits    500ml
Fill a gauze bag with epimedium, soak it in plain spirits and seal the container. It can be taken after it has been soaked for three days.
To be taken at bedtime, i0 to 15ml each time.
All the recipes above can reinforce the kidney and strengthen yang. Patients with impotence can choose one or two from among them for regular eating according to the state of their illness.

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