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How to adjust the diet of patients with chronic gastritis

Updated: Saturday, Jul 09,2016, 2:13:45 PM
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Chronic gastritis refers to a variety of chronic gastric mucosal inflammatory lesions caused by different causes, is a common disease, its incidence rate in a variety of stomach in the first place. Most of the patients are often asymptomatic or have different degrees of dyspeptic symptoms such as abdominal pain, loss of appetite, postprandial satiety distention, acid regurgitation,. Therefore, if the long-term symptoms of the above must be paid attention to, if not timely and effective treatment, there may be induced by other diseases. Reasonable diet conditioning can help patients to improve symptoms, promote rehabilitation. The following is a look at the chronic gastritis diet conditioning.

1, to develop good eating habits: to eat three meals a day, the diet should be regular, regular quantitative, so that can form a good conditioning reflex, is conducive to digestion and absorption. Avoid overeating, binge eating not only increase the burden on the stomach, but also easily lead to acute gastric dilatation, acute pancreatitis, if the original gastric ulcer and can even lead to stomach bleeding or perforation, therefore, do not overeat.

Three meals eat eight full, pay attention to the collocation of food, it is best to have rare and dry, with meat and vegetarian, drink eat when chewing food thoroughly, so that food in the mouth chew, to grind up the food and is fully mixed with saliva, salivary mucin in play, amino acid and amylase help digestive function, food particles become fine and to ease the burden of stomach digestion. Meals can be a small amount of meals, but not too much, so as not to affect the dinner.

A small amount of multiple meals can neutralize stomach acid, reduce the stimulation of gastric acid on the lesion mucosa. Eating when the mood relax, dedicated, not by other transactions interference and don't eat while reading the newspaper, while working, slightly after dinner rest before starting work.

2, select easily digestible food, avoid eating hard, cold and rough too much food containing cellulose, such as the leek, celery, bamboo shoots, yellow bean sprouts, old dishes help, kelp, cold drinks. Reduce the adverse food stimulation to the stomach, avoid alcohol, do not eat spicy foods with strong stimulation, such as garlic, mustard, pepper, liquor and so on the gastric mucosa damage of food, and avoid eating too acid, too hot, too hot food.

Cold, sweet or salty food will stimulate gastric acid secretion, and stimulation of the damaged gastric mucosa. Too hot food to make gastric mucosal blood vessels, easy to cause bleeding or erosion. Should choose the cooking method is steaming, boiling, stewing, braising, stew, boil. Should not use fried, fried, smoked, grilled and other cooking methods. And less fried, fried and other cooking methods. Requirements for food to Seiko secret agents, rich in nutrition, appropriate is delicate, soft rotten.

3, pay attention to eat foods rich in protein, vitamins. Such as eggs, milk, meat, fish, tofu, soy milk and carrot green vegetables to increase protein and vitamins, is conducive to the recovery of gastric mucosa. All kinds of food should be fresh, should not be stored for a long time, also should not eat salted products.

Less stomach acid, should often eat some sour food. Chronic atrophy students gastritis, gastric hypochlorhydria patients can eat some sour milk and vinegar dishes and acidic fruit (hawthorn, kiwi, oranges, strawberries) to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, increase appetite.

Hyperacidity, should not eat sour food easily. Such as sugar, sweet cake, glutinous rice dumplings, sweet potato and stimulate the secretion of gastric acid tea, coffee, wine, thick gravy. Can eat soda biscuits, bread, water and other basic foods to neutralize stomach acid. Protein has a role in increasing gastric acid secretion, avoid excessive intake.

Patients with abdominal distension, should as far as possible, do not eat or eat less easy to produce flatulence foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, carbonated drinks, onions, boiled soybeans, peanuts, etc.. Nuts are to be cooked through, cooked to the soft rotten, easy to digest and absorb.

4, to avoid long-term use of drugs to stimulation of the gastric mucosa, such as pain, ibuprofen, aspirin, indomethacin, prednisone and other, such long-term drug abuse will the gastric mucosal damage, resulting in chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a common treatment method, has a very strong overall concept, often from the characteristics of the patient's body to be considered, not just confined to the cancer focus itself. All use of natural Chinese herbal medicine, can correct body of certain disorders, traditional Chinese medicine to healthy cells damage is relatively small, generally not treatment itself physically produce new damage due to, cancer of improvement at the same time, physical strength and will gradually restored, gradually enhance immunity, and achieved the specimen and the effect of the treatment, the patient can find the experience rich clinical experience of expert of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning.

5, pay attention to nutritional balance, eat food to protect the stomach: daily diet in addition to diet, wide should not narrow, kinds of food as far as possible eat more mixed, Hunsu, dilute thick with, not a partial eclipse, to ensure that the intake of various nutrients, meet the needs of the body.

Grains containing more cellulose, to be boiled, can not eat too much, eat millet porridge jujube, rice porridge yam, lentils, rice porridge, soft rice, thin sheet, spaghetti etc. the role have the protection of gastric mucosa, often edible. Chronic gastritis therapy should also be combined with the patient's physical, disease attributes to carry out.

Such as the spleen and stomach, the usual edible a little ginger, pepper, isothermal bulk cold; stomach yin deficiency of people, should eat lily, lotus root, honey, milk and Gan run Sheng Jin; stagnation of liver qi and stomach qi patients can eat more carrots, kumquat, orange peel, etc.; and Qi deficiency of spleen and stomach, should use red jujube, Chinese yam, lotus seeds, meat and other auxiliary conditioning; spleen stomach damp resistance, should with coix seed, lentils, lotus leaf, Jianpi Huashi the

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