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Garlic can keep you away from lung cancer

Updated: Monday, Jun 29,2015, 4:07:52 PM
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Lung cancer is one of the most malignant tumors, which is the fastest growing, and one of the greatest threats to human health and life. Now the number of lung cancer are on the rise, especially because air pollution is easy to cause lung disease, want to stay away from lung cancer, there is a way, if you can in the diet often eat the following foods such as these can be very good to prevent lung cancer.


Many studies have confirmed that garlic has anti-cancer ability and garlic in the fat soluble volatile oil can activate macrophages, enhance the body's ability to fight cancer, it also contains a sulfur compound, also has the role of killing tumor cells.

Milk and yoghurt

Milk calcium and vitamin D, in the intestine combined with carcinogenic substances, eliminate its harmful effects. Yogurt can inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

Honey and royal jelly

Honey can promote metabolism, enhance the body resistance, improve the hematopoietic function and tissue repair function. In recent years, found that bee royal jelly contains special lactic acid, effective prevention and treatment of malignant tumor.


Tea containing tea, can clear the body of radioactive material. Radiotherapy patients often drink a good rehabilitation. Tea can prevent tooth decay.

Fungus, etc.

Containing polysaccharide substance and interferon inducer, can inhibit tumor. Mushrooms on gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer has a certain effect.


Almond can enhance the immune function of the body, inhibit cell cancer. It has the effect of alleviating the symptoms such as oral dryness, but it is not suitable for the patients with inflammation, ulcers and nasal bleeding. Ebony also has anti-cancer effect, jujube can inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

(1) honey Runfei cough pill: nidus Vespae, Jiangcan every parts, the amount of honey. Will be the end of the 3 drugs, refining honey for the pills. 2 times a day, each time 6 grams. Effect of lungs and phlegm, detumescence. For lung cancer cough obvious.

(2): licorice Sydney pot pig 10 grams of licorice, Sydney 2, about 250 grams of lung. Pear peel and cut into pieces, wash the lung slices, to squeeze the bubble, and put the casserole with licorice. Add sugar a little amount of water, simmer for 3 hours after taking. 1 times a day, with the lungs phlegm, cough for more than.

(3) sugar almond paste: Sweet Almond 15 grams, almond 3 grams, 50 grams of rice, sugar amount. The sweet almond and almond with water soaked peeled, pounded with rice, water and sugar boiled into a thick porridge, once every two days. With the lungs expectorant, cough and asthma, Runchang effect etc..

(4) ginkgo jujube congee: Ginkgo 25 grams, red dates 20, 50 grams of rice. The ginkgo, red dates, glutinous rice porridge serve together. Early, late fasting clothes, has the effect of detoxification swelling etc..

(5) Angelica stewed bird's Nest: Angelica 9 grams, 9 grams of bird's nest, crystal sugar. The bird's nest, angelica stewed in water was rotten, filtered. Add crystal sugar seasoning and cook for a moment is a daily, 1 to 2 times. With the lungs nourishing, cough hemostasis.

(6) ginkgo steamed duck: Ginkgo 200 grams, white duck 1. Ginkgo shell, boiling water cooked peeled, and then mixed with boiling water Zhuo Rui, kills the boneless duck. Add broth, steamed for 2 hours until the duck cooked food. Often edible, with tonic asthma, diuresis and detumescence. Suitable for advanced lung cancer, general debility phlegm, wheezing weakness.

(7): 50 grams of Schisandra Schisandra stew, duck or pork appropriate. Schisandra with meat steamed or stew, add seasoning and as appropriate. Meat, medicine, soup are served, lungs and kidney, relieving cough and asthma, suitable for lung cancer patients with kidney deficiency.

(8) lotus seed chicken: lotus seed 15 grams, chicken or duck, pork amount. Lotus seed to participate in a total of cooked meat, appropriate to add spices. Often take, lungs, Qi, Sheng jin. Applies to lung cancer blood deficiency.

(9) white gourd peel bean soup: 60 grams of skin melon, melon seeds 60 grams, 60 grams of beans. The food into the pot add 3 bowls of fried to 1 bowl, then add the appropriate seasoning into slag, drinking. Effect of dehumidification, diuresis, detumescence. Suitable for lung cancer with pleural effusion.

(10) ginger juice beef rice: fresh beef 100~150 grams, 50 grams of ginger, 500 grams of rice, soy sauce, peanut oil, onion, ginger, a little. Method: now fresh beef washed, chopped into meat, the ginger squeeze out the juice of about two soup, add beef and soy sauce, peanut oil, diced green onion mix well spare. The rice washing clean by boiling water to eight mature fish out drain, were mixed, cage steam for 1 hours.

(11) sheep bone porridge: raw materials: sheep bone two (about 100 grams). 100 grams of rice or glutinous rice, salt, ginger, onion a little. Usage: first sheep bone wash hammer into small pieces, such as table tennis ball size, boiling water, take the decoction and wash rice (or rice) Tongzhu as porridge, porridge cooked add salt to eat.

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