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Eat more than four kinds of food can prevent cancer

Updated: Sunday, Sep 06,2015, 3:42:23 PM
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Want to avoid cancer distress, usually can add the following four kinds of nutrients:

1, trace element food

Iodine, zinc and copper deficiency can cause endemic goiter disease, the incidence of thyroid cancer is higher. A low iodine diet can also promote the occurrence of breast cancer, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer associated with estrogen. In the diet should be increased in iodine rich kelp, seaweed, sea cucumber, clams, jellyfish etc.. Zinc deficiency may be related to the occurrence of esophageal cancer, according to the survey, the blood of patients with esophageal cancer in the lower levels of zinc, hair zinc content is also low. Similar to copper deficiency induced by zinc deficiency, high incidence area for esophageal cancer in soil, grain and copper content in serum. Foods containing zinc content of Cereals, legumes, fish, clams, oysters, etc.; containing copper and more food with lentils, radish, soy beans, cabbage, etc..

2, cellulose rich food

With the improvement of people's living standards, pay attention to the fine food, resulting in too little fiber, although not the use of cellulose, but the low dietary fiber, will promote the occurrence of colorectal cancer. The occurrence of colorectal cancer is due to some of the stimulus (or poison) in the intestinal tract for too long due to the diet containing cellulose food will shorten the time of food through the intestine. Promote early discharge of carcinogenic substances.

3, high protein food

Animal experiments showed that the protein content of the feed was high or added some amino acids, can inhibit the occurrence of animal tumors. Such as the occurrence of esophageal carcinoma and high protein group in rats with esophageal carcinoma, the latency of esophageal carcinoma was prolonged. Cancer cell differentiation. According to the research, in the high incidence of esophageal cancer, the lack of protein in the diet is very obvious, to cancer patients to eat more high protein food, can make it improve immunity, improve the nutritional status, is conducive to the rehabilitation of patients.

4, vitamin rich food

Clinical practice has proved that the topical vitamin A acid can be used for the treatment of actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma; oral vitamin A acid can cure bladder disease of the nipple. Healthy adults should take vitamin A3500~5000 international unit every day. According to the survey, the blood of cancer patients with vitamin C content is only 1/9~1/8 of patients with esophageal cancer. Vitamin C can inhibit methylbenzylamine with sodium nitrite in vivo synthesis of nitrosamines, reducing the incidence of gastric cancer. It is observed that the occurrence of the skin and mucous membranes may be closely related to the lack of vitamin B2.

Finally, Professor Xi Fu Yuan remind you: Yao Beina, Chen Xiaoxu, a young dolphin life fall continuously for us sounded the alarm. Early screening awareness of the national awareness is relatively short, the national level is uneven, we can do, is from the self start to do a good job prevention and regular physical examination; if you do not have a diagnosis of cancer, and do not panic, listen to the doctor's opinion of a professional diagnosis and treatment.

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