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Eat fresh corn can prevent gallstones!

Updated: Thursday, Oct 29,2009, 11:00:43 AM
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Are now living conditions are good, many people long to eat fine food, fine food, high-protein, resulting in the occurrence of some rich man's disease. Confirmed in practice, eat a number of coarse grains (defined as multi-plant fiber-containing foods), good for the body, especially when fresh corn is available, when the elderly eat more fresh corn on the health of great benefit.

benefits of eating fresh corn

1, fresh corn, contains large amounts of natural vitamin E, can promote cell division, delaying cellular senescence, reduce serum cholesterol, to prevent the function of skin lesions, but also to reduce atherosclerosis and brain function decline symptoms. Fresh corn in vitamin A, prevention and treatment of middle-aged common dry eye, bronchitis, skin dry and nerve palsy, also have some secondary effects. Fresh corn rich in lysine (dry corn rarely), the human body essential nutrients. The study found that eating fresh corn, can inhibit anti-cancer drugs on the human body side effects.

2, fresh corn, the cellulose more than its capacity of milled rice, the smart side of the 6 ~ 8 times. Plant fiber can maintain a normal ratio of bile salt and cholesterol, thus reducing the deposition of cholesterol in the bile duct system to prevent gallstone formation and occurrence; plant fibers also with intestinal bile acid binding, to form a complex that can not be absorbed speed up the excretion of bile acids to promote the degradation of cholesterol in the liver, which can reduce blood cholesterol concentration, to avoid high blood cholesterol levels (dyslipidemia), and continuously deposited on the vessel wall, so that arterial wall thickening, luminal narrowing occurred atherosclerosis, causing high blood pressure, cerebral infarction and coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; cellulose also enables smooth stool containing vegetable fiber and more food can increase stool bulk and stimulate intestinal motility produced , so that the stool excreted faster, which reduces the toxic poisoning of the intestinal wall, which eat corn, to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids, rectal cancer, but also to reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases.

3, eating fresh corn when the force required to chew, teeth can get exercise and gum to promote saliva secretion and sturdy. Older persons teeth is not good, you can do to drink fresh polenta.

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