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Diet treatment of viral hepatitis

Updated: Friday, Feb 28,2014, 7:29:27 PM
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Diet Therapy for Viral Hepatitis
Time:2/25/2013 9:34:11 PM

Viral hepatitis is caused by a variety of hepatitis b virus is given priority to with hepatic lesions of an infectious disease. Clinically with loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal discomfort, liver area pain, lack of power as the main performance. Some patients may have jaundice fever and hepatomegaly with liver damage. Some patients can be chronic, and even develop into liver cirrhosis, a few can develop liver cancer.

Viral hepatitis can be divided into five types   Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D and Type E; and two types in terms of its onset   acute and chronic. Hepatitis A and E are mostly manifested as acute type and may recover within 6 months. Hepatitis B, C and D are liable to become chronic, but seldom serious, and only a few cases develop to cirrhosis. Chronic hepatitis B and C have a close relation to hepatocellular carcinoma.

Diet Therapy

①Recipe of Day Lily and Loach (Jinzhen Niqiu)
Day lily, Flos ttemerocalis  Immaturus   30g
Loach, M is gurnus Anguillicaudatus     100g
PROCESS  Make soup with the day lily and loach flesh and season it for eating.

②.Drink of ~willow Leaf and Water Chestnut (Liuye Biqi Cha)
Willow leaf, Folium Salicis                6g
Water chestnut, Bulbus Heleoharis Tuberosae  500g
PROCESS   Make decoction with 6 g of willow leaves and 500 g of water chestnuts.
DIRECTIONS   Driak the decoction and eat the water chestnuts; take a dose a day, and several doses successively.

③.Recipe of Canton Love-pea Vine and Lean Pork (Jigu- eao Shouzhurou Fang)
Canton love-pea vine, Herba Abri    60g
Lean pork                       100g
PROCESS  Boil 100g of Canton love-pea vine and 100 g of lean pork in just the right amount of water for two to three hours, remove the dregs and have it seasoned.
DIRECTIONS  Take a dose once a day for several days.

④Loach and Bean-curd (Wiqiu Cuan Doufu)
Bean-curd                                  100g
Living loach, Misgurnus Anguillicaudatus         250g
Corn stigma, Stigma Maydis (wrapped up in cloth)  30g
PROCESS  Have the loach raised in a basin for 1 to 2 days; take it out and put it in an earthenware pot together with the corn stigma and bean-curd; add just the right amount of water to have them decocted.  When they are thoroughly done, have them seasoned for eating.
DIRECTIONS   Take it once a day for several days.

⑤Decoction of Watermelon Peel and Red Bean (Xiguapi Chixiaodou Tang)
Watermelon peel, Exocarpium Citrulli   50g
Red bean, Semen Phaseoli             50g
cogongrass root, RMzoraa Imperatae     50g
PROCESS  Make decoction with watermelon peel, red beans and cogongrass root.
DIRECTIONS   Take the decoction once a day, for 5 to 7 days successively.

⑥Gruel of Herba Artemisiae Capillaris (Yint, hen Zhou)
Herba Artemisiae Capillaris                     30 to 45 g
Polished round-grained rice, Semen Oryzae Sativae  100g
White sugar  a bit
PROCESS  Have some oriental wormwood washed clean and use 30 to 45g at a~ time; add 200 ml of water and decoct it until lOOml of water is left. Remove the dregs to get the extract; put in 100g of polished round-grained rice, add 600 ml of water and cook until the rice is well-done and the extract becomes thick.  Add a bit of white sugar and go on cooking for a while until it has boiled for a little while.
DIRECTIONS  Take it 2 or 3 times a day, with 7 to l0 days as a course of treatment.
All the above dietetic therapeutic composite recipes can be applied to acute icterohepatitis marked by the type of bile oozing from the gallbladder due to damp-heat accumulating in the liver and gallbladder.

⑦ Decoction of Four "Red" Ingredients for Tonifying the Liver and Eliminating Dampness (Si Hong Yi Gan Li Shi Tang)
Red bean, Semen Phaseoli                     60g
Peanut kernel with red skin, Semen Arachidis      30 g
Red dates          10
Brown sugar        50 g
PROCESS  Put the red beans and peanut kernels in a pot after washing them clean, add 2000 ml of water to stew them slowly over a low fire for one and a half hours, then, put in the dates and brown sugar and go on stewing for about half an hour until the ingredients are thoroughly done.
DIRECTIONS  Take a small bowlful of it as breakfast or snacks and take it twice a day.

⑧Decoction of Oriental Wormwood, Germinated Barley and Jujube (Yinchen Maiya Hongzao Tang)
Oriental wormwood, Herba Artemisiae Capillaris  15 g
Germinated barley, Fructus Hordei Germinatus    20 g
Red dates          10
White sugar        a bit
PROCESS  Put the oriental wormwood, germinated bar-ley and jujubes in a small aluminium pan, add 1000ml of cold water to stew the drugs slowly over a low fire for about half an hour; put in a half spoonful of white sugar and turn off the fire.
DIRECTIONS Take less than half a bowlful at a time, twice a day. Drink the decoction, eat the dates and discard the dregs.

⑨Steamed Soft-shelled Turtle (Qingzheng Jiayu)
Soft-shelled turtle Trionyx Sinensis
(Weighing 200 to 300 g)                1
Fresh ginger, Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens  3 slices
Refined salt                         right amount
Millet wine                          right amount
PROCESS Kill the soft-shelled turtle; soak it in boiling water to remove the membrane from the turtle, cut open its belly, remove its intestines and the like, retain the liver and the eggs that are still in the belly, wash it clean and drain the water out.  Put the turtle in a porcelain basin with its back downward and put the ginger slices in its belly, spread the salt and sprinkle millet wine over it. Steam it without its contacting water over a brisk fire for 30 to 45 minutes.
DIRECTIONS Take it as light refreshments on an empty stomach, or take it with bread (or cooked rice).  Anyway, take it hot.  Being delicious, it has a great nutritive value and is a desirable therapeutic tonic for hepatitis patients and people of weak constitution.

⑩Recipe of Honey, Sugar and Soya-bean Milk (Feng Tang Doujiang)
Soya-bean milk, Lee Semi Sojae    a bowlful
Honey                         a spoonful
White sugar                     a bit
PROCESS   Put a bowlful of saltless soya-bean milk, a spoonful of honey and a bit of white sugar into a small aluminium pan, then, heats it. Take the pan away from the fire as soon as the soya-bean milk has boiled.
DIRECTIONS    Take it as breakfast with other light refreshments.
The above composite recipes are applicable to both the type of incoordination between the liver and the stomach caused by damp-heat accumulating in the interior, and the type of stagnancy of qi and blood in acute and chronic hepatitis. It can be used as an auxiliary treatment for chronic hepatitis patients.

In TCM, "huang dan" (jaundice), "xie tong" (hypochondriac pain) and "gan wen" (fulminant hepatitis) may manifest similar symptoms of hepatitis. Exogenous factors of this disease are pathogenic damp heat. Its pathogenesis is chiefly retention of damp heat in the interior and incoordination between the liver and spleen, and the diseased location is the spleen, stomach, liver and gallbladder.

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