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Diet to lower blood pressure

Updated: Sunday, Apr 19,2009, 11:25:01 AM
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① carrot soup: with fresh chopped 120g carrots, 100g cooked rice conjee with food.


 ② celery soup: celery root, chopped 90g, 100g cooked rice conjee with food.

 ③ garlic soup: 30g Add garlic cook 1 minute in boiling water after the remove, and then check Add 100g cooked rice boiled garlic water conjee thin after a while to re-Add garlic cook food.


 ④ lotus leaf congee: lotus leaf with a bright-generation jian tan water, 100g cooked rice with the regular consumption of conjee.


 ⑤ puerarin powder soup: Puerarin powder with 30g, and 100g rice to cook porridge, as a breakfast food.


 Diet Recipe


 The prevention and treatment of high blood pressure eat foods have better results.


 ① stewed sea cucumber: cucumber water 30g, add water, amount of rotten cook slow fire, after adding suitable amount of food has melted rock candy.


 ② stewed fungus: aqaric white or black fungus 10g, after the wash water, add water, amount of text on fire bad night after taking appropriate crystal sugar.


 ③ vinegar foam peanuts: peanuts election with red 250g, Garmisch amount of vinegar, soak 5 to 7 days, daily food 3 times 10 ~ 20.


 ④ gastrodin egg stew: gastrodin 9g, fried 1 hour, the residue, add 2 eggs and cook, cooked after the taking.

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