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Diet therapy for Chronic Lumber Strain

Updated: Friday, Feb 28,2014, 7:26:17 PM
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Strain of lumbar muscles, also called functional lumbago, lumbar gluteal muscle fasciitis chronic low back injury, etc., it is the waist muscle fascia and periosteum and attachment points of chronic traumatic inflammation, is one of a common cause of low back pain, main symptom is the waist or lumbar di ministry pain and soreness, repeated attacks, pain can vary from climate change or fatigue level, such as daytime fatigue is aggravating, can reduce light when heavy, when after the break for the clinical common disease, frequently-occurring disease, the more risk factors. The accumulate over a long period, can make the muscle fibers degeneration, even a small amount of tear, scarring, fiber cable or adhesion, legacy long-term chronic low back pain.

Diet Therapy
1)Cold and Dampness Type
①Gruel of Chinese Ginger and Pig's Chine: Chinese ginger 10g, seed of Job's tears 30g, fresh ginger 10 small pieces, Eucommia Ulmoides 10g, Taxillus chinensis 20g, Decoct all the ingredients with right amount of water. Remove the residues after the decoction is done, and add the pig's chine and 120g of rice into the decoction. Cook them into gruel and season it for serving.
②Soup of Semen Coicis, Ginger and Beef: Semen Coicis 50g, fresh ginger 20g, beef 250g. Cook the ingredients above with right amount of water. Season the soup when it is done.
2)Deficiency of Liver and Kidney Type: Soup of Chinese Angelica and Oxtail: Chinese angelica 30g, Eucommia Ulmoides12g, Radix Polygoni Multiflori 15g, one oxtail. Unhair the oxtail and cut it into small pieces, then cook the oxtail with the ingredients above and right amount of water. Season the soup when it is done. Take the soup and the oxtail.
3)Decoction of Sanqi Oudan Juluo: Pseudo-ginseng powder 3g, two eggs, fresh lotus juice 50ml, Tangerine Pith 1g, a little amount of salt and lard oil. Cook the lotus juice with a little amount of water, add the Pseudo-ginseng powder, break the shell of the eggs and then put the eggs into the mixture and stir them evenly, finally, put the Tangerine Pith, salt and oil into the decoction and continue to cook them until they are boiling. Take the decoction for two times daily and for 15 days continuously. It can activate blood and eliminate stasis, remove swelling and relieve pain.
 4)Tea of Fructus Crataegi and Flos Rosae Rugosae: fructus crataegi 50g, Flos rosae rugosae 10g, Chinese Wolfberry 15g, Jasmine Flower 10g. Decoct Fructus Crataegi and Chinese Wolfberry first, and then pour the decoction into the container where Jasmine Flower and Flos Rosae Rugosase are contained, continue to cook them for several minutes and the tea is done. Besides, extract of Caulis Spatholobi, Honghua Drink, Chuanqiong Jiu and Duzhong Danggui Ji could be selected for taking. All of these formulas can nourish the liver and kidney,warm and dredge the collaterals and meridians.

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