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Chinese health tea for treatment of hypotension

Updated: Thursday, Feb 27,2014, 8:10:04 PM
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The Magical Effect of Herbal Health Tea for Treating Hypotension of the Aged

Regarding diet, the aged should pay attention to enhance nutrition, such as appropriately increasing the salt intake, which is as twice and third times as normal intake, namely 20 to 25 grams a day. At the same time, drink more water, for the more salt consumes, the more moisture enters blood that can increase blood volume, thus increasing blood pressure. Once had old people suffered from low blood pressure, using TCM treatment will be of better effect.

Normally, for the prevention and cure of hypotension in the elderly, the causes should be found at the first hand, for example, suspending to take blood pressure medicines when experiencing excessive decrease of blood pressure; or needing timely diagnosis and treatment when suffering from anemia, chronic disease such as gastrorrhagia.


Besides, if the disease is orthostatic hypotension, it is better to stand up or get up as slow as possible, and mind your manner that action must not to be too hasty but to have a rest for two or three minutes at each change of position. Furthermore, those with physical weakness should enhance the nutrition.


The popular prescriptions for treating low blood pressure as following:


1.Take the decoction of Ginseng 6 grams, Radix Ophiopogonis 9 grams, Schisandra chinensis 9 grams once a day and for 1 week continuously.


2. Soak cinnamon, Guizhi(Cassia Twig) and licorice 10 grams respectively in boiling water and drink the tea-like, and drink it for 10 ~ 20 days continuously.


3. Take the decoction of Huangjing(Polygonatum) Dangshen(Codonopsis pilosula) and liquorice 10 grams once a day.


In addition, moxibustion therapy has much curative effect on low blood pressure, pricking in the acupoints such as moxibustion-Baihui, Shenque, Guanyuan, Qihai, Zusanli,etc. Keeping working on, obvious effect goes.

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