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Attention for mothers: three appetizer prescriptions for babies

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 19,2013, 2:49:28 PM
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After the illness, the baby tends to have a poor appetite. Here are three medicinal foods good to appetite. The pediatrician in childhood care hospitals offers us several appetizer prescriptions:


Appetizer prescriptions one: useful for Feed sluggish


Materials: 10 grams of fried malts, 6 grams of fried medicated leavens, 6 grams of fried hawthorns, 6 grams of fried arecas


Usage: soup, one for each 


Appetizer prescriptions two: weak in spleen and stomach and special for nourishing


Materials: 20 grams of Common Yam Rhizome,20 grams of Semen Coicis, 20 grams of gordon enryale seeds


Usage: soup, one for two or three people


Appetizer prescriptions three: weak in Yin


Materials: 20 grams of Rhizoma Polygonati Odoratis, 20 grams of lilies,20 grams of straight ladybells,20 grams of dwarf lilyturf tubers, 20 grams of valley malts


Usage: soup, one for two or three people

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