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Traditional Chinese medicine for you FAQ acupuncture weight loss

Updated: Wednesday, Aug 27,2014, 3:09:29 PM
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In the course of selecting acupuncture weight loss, people will encounter such doubts.

1, acupuncture weight loss with no adverse reaction?

Answer: Acupuncture in the treatment of diseases, without any adverse effects on the human body and the surrounding environment, with weight loss programs internationally recognized should have "no diarrhea, no anorexia, no fatigue" requirements.

Therefore, in many diet therapy, acupuncture weight loss is the world recognized green therapy. If isn't skilled, acupoint did not identify, others may appear syncope or local hemorrhage, but is temporary.

What is the role of principle 2, acupuncture weight loss?

Answer: the principle of acupuncture weight loss 3:

1, through the acupuncture and moxibustion make local (shallow) muscle contraction, promote metabolism, consumption of local fat, to achieve local "body sculpting" role.

2, is to stimulate the points of abdomen. Abdominal acupuncture has benign regulative action on small intestinal motility, intestinal peristalsis and promote absorption tends to normal; increase the gastric smooth muscle tension can reduce gastric capacity (appetite), alleviate hunger.

3, through the stimulation of the vagus nerves, regulate the feeding center within the brain, thereby suppressing appetite, reduce appetite. At the same time, acupuncture can also affect glucose metabolism and the secretion of digestive juice process, so as to reduce the appetite function.

There is a need to explain, now mostly acupuncture (acupuncture) weight loss, without leaves or moxa cone moxibustion slimming.

How about 3, acupuncture weight loss cost?

Answer: according to the current fee standards, each generally around 50 yuan, a course of treatment for 10 times, at a cost of 500 yuan. In addition, if you use the disposable acupuncture needle, may also be subject to 20 ~ 40 yuan cost of materials.

Of course, the economically developed regions, acupuncture weight loss for each charge 150 yuan, some beauty salons to charge a course of 3000 yuan, the highest even reached a course of 6000 yuan.

What is the general 4, acupuncture weight loss treatment?

Answer: acupuncture weight loss is not a short duration of time can be achieved, can not put things right once and for all. Everyone on the acupuncture reaction is not the same, need to adjust, continuous treatment.

Generally need to adhere to more than 3 months, especially obesity needs 6 ~ 12 months. Acupuncture weight loss is a slowly adjusting the process, after the cessation of treatment, body weight basically can maintain 1 to normal level in 3 years.

5, which are suitable to do acupuncture weight loss?

Answer: not all obese people can get ideal effect by Acupuncture and moxibustion, acupuncture weight loss of 20 to 50 year old youth obesity effect is good. Because in this age, the human development is mature, function is relatively perfect.

Through acupuncture treatment, easy adjustment of the body metabolism, promoting fat decomposition, to achieve weight loss of lipid regulating effect.

6, the use of acupuncture weight loss diet?

A: usually, acupuncture weight loss before three days shall be strictly controlled diet, namely breakfast with milk, Chinese food with 2 egg, dinner edible 1 ~ 2 cucumbers, and then pay attention to eat pasta and potatoes, with a reduction in calorie intake. At the same time, eat more vegetables and soy products.

Should eat slowly, do not eat too full, not overeating, to the full seven minutes advisable. According to each person, the best add some amount of exercise, maintain the consumption is greater than the intake over a period of time, so as to accelerate the consumption of excess body fat.

In a word, during acupuncture weight loss, total calories should pay attention to diet, low carbohydrate and low - fat food intake. Adhere to exercise, increase the heat consumption, to reduce the fat accumulation. The amount of exercise heart rate up to 110 ~ 130 times / min is preferred. Patients with cardiovascular disease such as appropriate to reduce the amount of exercise.

7, acupuncture weight loss why do some good, some not good?

A: Generally speaking, more than the standard weight, acupuncture weight loss effect is more obvious. Overweight is not serious, the effect of weight loss is not so obviously. Secondly, the effect reducing weight also is related to body weight. Some of the local diet (such as abdominal weight loss), obvious effect but weight loss is not obvious. Also, the effect reducing weight is also associated with the characteristics of soft fat reducing fat, quickly and clearly, hard fatty is effective not fast.

In addition, the therapeutic effect of acupuncture weight loss depends not only on the doctor good technology, will the subjective will, obesity, diet, and exercise is also very important. Otherwise, the doctor's technology is again good, to lose weight do not cooperate, still insist on lifestyle, eating and drinking, inactivity, slimming effect will be seriously compromised.

8, acupuncture weight loss will not rebound?

Answer: will not rebound to make it clear, the key is to find out the reason why fat or rebound and overcome. Weight loss is a long-term thing, can not put things right once and for all. Weight loss after not eating, exercise more, eat more fruits and vegetables.

9, acupuncture weight loss need to choose the time?

Answer: have relationship with seasonal climate, acupuncture weight loss. Spring summer autumn and winter is usually rapid, effective slower. This is because, summer two season, the human body The new supersedes the old. function is exuberant, excretion naturally smooth, is conducive to weight loss.

10, acupuncture weight loss and pain?

Answer: to tell the truth, the needle body which have not hurt? Like hit precautionary needle, each person's feeling and strength are not the same, can not be said to ache, also can not be said to not hurt. Acupuncture pain was also associated with a needle part, such as the limbs, head and face, is less affected by impact or exposed areas, because these parts of the nociceptive nerve endings are densely distributed in the needles, the pain is more sensitive to. In addition, if the poor doctor of acupuncture and moxibustion techniques, the pain will be more intense.

However, acupuncture and moxibustion feeling not to pain, acupuncture and moxibustion feeling called needle feeling, is a pointer into a certain depth and using some technique points (such as twirling, lifting), patients to a mixed feeling acid, hemp, expansion or a little pain in the local experience, some people describe as "have mixed feelings". Sometimes this intersection needle feeling also line, to follow the meridians of the conduction diffusion, to the site of disease, this is called "gas in clinic".

11, need to be in what place?

Answer: the regular hospital can do aseptic operation. Therefore, obese patients should be to normal hospital acupuncture or acupuncture rehabilitation, medical cosmetology, ask a qualified physician for a diagnosis, make weight loss program. Because the regular hospital to acupuncture (massage) standardized operation, needle (techniques) have requirements, can effectively avoid the damage and (or) infection (cross infection) occurred.

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