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The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of infantile enuresis

Updated: Thursday, Nov 15,2012, 8:49:13 PM
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Differentiation of symptoms and signs

Infantile enuresis which is not voluntary and recurrent urinary during sleep in infants in three years. Wet the bed may only appear once in a few days in mild cases, every night in severe cases, with fatigue and emaciation. According to traditional Chinese medicine and traditional medicine of infantile enuresis is due to kidney failure, failed to consolidate the gas bladder; Or infirm lung temper, does not control is lower; Or stagnant energizer heat in the liver meridian and obstacles of bladder transformation gas. This syndrome mainly includes the kidney and bladder.

Kidney Yang deficiency

During sleep are the symptoms of urinary incontinence or even several times a night, clear and rich urine, spiritedness and fatigue, white skin and cold limbs, pain and weak waist and knee, hypomnesia or poor state of mind, light color tongue and fine vein.

Weakness of spleen and lung gas

During sleep are the symptoms of urinary incontinence, aggravated after fatigue, rich and frequent urination, frequent spontaneous sweating, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, also not going to speak, weak limbs, loose stools, light color tongue and fine vein.
Body acupuncture
Prescription: Guanyuan, Zhongji, Sanyinjiao and Pangguangshu.
Modification: For insufficiency of kidney yang, Shenshu and Mingmen are added; for asthenia of spleen and lung qi, Pishu , Feishu,
 Qihai and Zusanli are added.
Performance. The acupoints are needled with fillform needles and reinforcing technique or warmed needle or moxibustion with moxaroll. Guanyuan  and Zhongji are needled, after urination, obliquely downward with rotation of the needle for reinforcing purpose; Sanyinjiao is needled obliquely upward to direct the needling sensation to transmit upwards.
Scalp acupuncture
Prescription: Zone of pedal movement and sensation and reproductive zone.
Performance: The needles are inserted in the scalp and twirled quickly or attached with electricity. The needles are retained for 30 minutes.   

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