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Updated: Wednesday, Oct 21,2009, 3:03:34 PM
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First, selecting the right needle

     (A), the specifications: that the thickness of the needle length. Filiform needle specifications, its length is divided into: 13mm (0.5 inch), 25mm (1 inch), 40mm (1.5 inch), 50mm (2 inch), 75mm (3 inch), 100mm (4 inches) 6 species; thickness is divided into 0.45mm (26 Hao), 0.40mm (28 Hao), 0.35mm (29 Hao), 0.30mm (30 Hao) 0.25mm (32 numbers), 0.22mm (34 numbers), 0.20mm (36 No.) 7. Patient's disease must be based on conditions, physical and selected points area, select the appropriate needles. Such as those newly diagnosed pediatric patients, physical weakness and fear of needles are advised to select a short needle needle; needle chest and back points selected short needles eye used a thin needle points (general requirements for 30 ~ 32). At the same time be obliged to select the depth of the security check point needle to prevent needle to find a sense of security when you accidentally over the depth of.

     (B), check quality: acupuncture needles prior to coin the quality should be carefully tested, including the needle, needle body, pin root, needle handle four parts.

     1, tip, asked round but not blunt, not too sharp, in a similar pine needle better. Needle before use to check whether there are curly and in the music hook method is: The disinfection of cotton wrapped around needle body, while the needle side turn out, if there is astringent feel a sense of stagnation, or withdrawal with a cotton tip, or that hair tip hook should be abandoned.

     2, needle body, to straighten, smooth, lubricate flexible person who is better, with the former should pay attention to whether the needle body curved creases, rust, Ban Bo and so on. In general, the bending was not obvious after the use of those fixes the flat, there are other circumstances should abandoned.

     3, needle root, root pointer needle body with the needle handle connections. Clinical practice and found that accidents occurred in Broken Needle Needle roots, so double-check whether the root pin loose, or there erosion is very important, if such a situation, should be abandoned.

     4, pin shank, means a wire wound elements, such as loosening of acupuncture can also be caused by accidents, especially when the warm acupuncture could easily cause a fire Ai burn off. Directors can be used right hand needle handle, while the left thumb and index finger Jinnie needle body, drawing a parallel shaking, to check whether the loose pin handle.

     Second, pay attention to disinfection

     Talking about here mainly refers to the needle disinfection sterilization.

     Ancient physicians, although lacking in today's sterile concept, but in the long-term clinical practice, has recognized the right needles carry out the necessary processing to remove the "gas" to reduce the infection. Such as "acupuncture Dacheng • volume IV" had a very detailed description: "first wire in the fire Lianhong ... ... times to Toad coated pins are still into the fire micro-refining can not make red, to take effect, according to pre-coated cakes Lian three times, to third, riding hot-insert the bacon skin, the meat, and will later drugs (such as 14 for the musk smell) to three bowls of water, Jian Fei, sub-meat into the needle within the water boil dry, pour in the water Dai Leng, the needle removed. in the loess interpolation over a hundred, the color-Ming Flocity to a goal of poison. "

    Modern sterilization of acupuncture, along with the introduction of Western medicine was gradually receive attention and development, as early as three or four decades on behalf of the already small number of companies began to use acupuncture alcohol disinfection. To the fifties, and gradually made more complete disinfection of acupuncture: medical and nursing staff at the use of acupuncture before and medicated soap to wash hands wash brush, needles and syringes by boiling water boiled or soaked in 75% of the concentration of alcohol disinfection of the site in acupuncture with alcohol cotton ball grazed, acupuncture bleeding with sterile cotton balls and other press. At present, the needle disinfection methods have been popular in clinical practice. In order to find an effective and simple disinfection measures, some of the clinical unit for the universal application of 75% alcohol and 2% sterile solution of benzalkonium bromide disinfection are two ways to conduct clinical research, results show that alcohol cotton ball wipe disinfection is a simple but better results-based approach by bacteria, while the Bromogeramine solution is not ideal.

     Acupuncture disinfection should include needles, acupuncture needles, and medical and nursing staff have been fingers. Without a good pre-sterilized acupuncture needles or improper skin preparation may be brought into infections, including hepatitis serum. Among them, the most critical needles and syringes, carry a large number of bacteria and viruses, disinfection lax, you can implant in vivo.

     In order to prevent infection, needle sterilization should pay attention to the following points.

    (A), disinfection of needles and syringes with needles and syringes should be disinfected after the temporary needles with no pressure should also be disinfected on a regular basis, three days in summer, winter and 1 week, there is no high-pressure sterilization of the needles really do not. High-pressure sterilization: General should use high-pressure sterilization. Specific methods were: acupuncture needle, body or ear points used in acupuncture needles and other equipment buried with a special metal box Sheng disinfected after the pot on the high-pressure steam at 15 pounds steam pressure, 120 ℃ high temperature to maintain for more than 15min . Each root sterile needles, one-time use that is to be re-sterilized.

     Boiling sterilization: The condition does not have the circumstances, the needle can be placed in water pot and cook for 15min or more after boiling. Generally be added to the water in this sodium bicarbonate to make into a 2% solution, can increase the boiling point to 120 ℃, and can reduce the boiling water, the corrosive effect of the needle. Another method has been applied can also be disinfected with glass jars.

     Alcohol Disinfection: In the case of an emergency, using 75% alcohol soak 20 ~ 30min. In addition, some should not use high-pressure sterilization of needles, or boiling the skin, such as needles, can also be soaked in disinfectant alcohol.

     In recent years, overseas and domestic in many areas has been to promote the use by the factory using ethylene oxide sterile disposable acupuncture needles. Point-injection needles used to be the use of disposable needles and syringes.

     (B), surgery patients who were sterilized finger nails should be trimmed every day before surgery carefully wash with soap, cotton balls with alcohol wipe disinfection solutions should not be used Bromogeramine wipe method. First with the left hand holding forceps grip of alcohol cotton ball, wipe from the fingertips down to the roots, a cotton ball and then turn method has been applied for disinfection of the rest. Evaporation of alcohol to be dry, sterile cotton balls on the left hand fingers holding alcohol. Then take a clean tweezers to rely on needle handle needles and needles with sterile cotton wrapped around the body, charge hand (left) index finger or middle finger a little pressure on the points next to the 2-inch needle by pushing the following stab method, namely, the right hand thumb, index finger holding needle handle, the tip of finger pressure in the contralateral finger in custody and to resist cotton pulp wrapped under the needle body section, right thumb, food and two-finger force down the needle into the proper depth. 2-inch needle with the cutting barbed law, namely the left hand, thumb pressure on acupuncture points 2 fresh two-finger side and slightly Beng Jin, holding his right hand wrapped in cotton needle bottom, exposing needle-feng 2 ~ 3 hours, targeting the appropriate point piercing depth, and then asked OK needle, a needle.

     (C), Point-sterilization skin sterilization applications clamp hijack alcohol cotton, prohibit the use of a cotton ball from the hand rub to the next, because it not only from the purpose of disinfection, on the contrary resulted in the spread of bacteria until the alcohol dry re-start into the needle. Each point, with a sterile alcohol cotton balls, tampons can not be too dry or too wet, they could not tear reuse. A sterile cotton ball, let alone a few points. Some have argued in general 1.5cm in diameter, the alcohol cotton balls up to three points in three surface disinfection. Disinfection, the attention to the cotton ball wipe circling from the inside out. After disinfection, should wait until the alcohol evaporated before Shi needle. After taking needles can be used over a dry cotton ball or high-temperature sterilization of alcohol ever dry cotton ball push pinhole. In the joints, eyes, ear, and there is hair of the Department, as well as for the acupuncture point injection, disinfection should be stricter. Can first rubbed with 2% of the iodine cave area local skin, and then 75% of the alcohol de-iodine, that is, cotton balls with alcohol wipe from the inside out iodine.

     Third, pay attention to operating

     (A) in the Ministry of neck, chest back, we must understand the anatomy of the situation, grasp the needle direction, avoid scarification, deep stab.

     (B) In the vicinity of neural stem and neural distribution of the superficial Office (such as in customs, Yang Ling-chuen, Du channel points), acupuncture manipulation should be gentle, do not Overtwisted Meng pound, when there is a strong discharge needle flu influenza and should be gently pin back or change direction, should no longer be strong tactics to prevent damage nerves and spinal cord. I have seen an old woman, in the "Cultural Revolution" by the doctor, "Ojo" Xueshi surgery, there has also continued to discharge after the strong sense of the way operations, resulting in the right limbs Juluan crippled for life.

     (C) to the frail and the acupuncture needle is not strong or no sense of who can stay needle-designate gas, not a long needle to find a sense of multi-direction to prevent damage nerves, blood vessels.

     (Iv) patients were on the meridian direction to make it clear so that when an exception occurs as needle-in time (if any Neiguan caused by reports of violent dark), to prevent the bad effects were exacerbated Erzhi irreversible damage.

     Fourth, to avoid stagnation needle, curved needle and left needle

     Needle is a pointer to penetrate, the Twist to mention inserted, the touch astringent stagnation heavy, back-pin difficulty. Curved needle, is a pointer into the cave area, place needle body bending phenomenon. Left needle, means the end of acupuncture treatment, will be one or several needle still left in the patient's body situation. Stagnation caused by needle into the needle causes and excessive force, twisting rate of irregularity or to insert mention a single direction twisting, so that muscle fiber winding needle body, or in patients with stress-induced muscle cramps and other related; curved needle while in patients after the Department of needles sudden changes in posture, or needle handle collisions, etc. caused by external objects. Left needle reasons, multi-doctor clinic services because of busy time, failed to carefully check the pin hole area, or because of a medical practitioner by another medical practitioner, acupuncture needles caused by taking the oversight of needles left the site mostly occurs in physical shelter, such as the hair of the head covered, such as popliteal fossa. These three conditions are common in clinical acupuncture and moxibustion.

     (A), prevention of the law: hysteresis needle into the needle can not be forced too fast, fast become a lifelong affliction, slowly get to the very gas needle. Twist needle approach should not be twisting in the same direction. Patients with mental stress can increase the green press after the first, and then into the needle. Curved needle, needle before will urge the patient to maintain a comfortable position, needles will urge their non-random changes in post-position. Preventing foreign object impact pin handle. Left needle, the best way is to pin the number of pre-recorded piercing needles, needles, after taking an inventory of the number of needles. As difficult to achieve, take needle should be carefully examined, especially in offices and other hidden parts of the hair.

    (B), dealing with the law: Needle occurred after the tension caused by patients, may be appropriate to extend the stay needle time; or in the zone adjacent to the needle acupressure points can also be the next pin. Magnitude or direction due to twisting can be used due to improper about light twist, or reverse twisting back pin. Appears curved needle, needle bending the smaller body can slowly out along its bending angle; bend is greater, Zhu Huanzhe try to relax muscles, gently shake the needle body curved along the direction of exit; if there is more than a bent position Department, according to the direction of needle handle to reverse the tilt, according to the law section phased out. Note that, regardless of the above circumstances are not ruthless pull Mengchou, in order to avoid an accident off needle. Left needle, needle removal can generally pay attention to the green sterilization; In case of stagnation or a curved needle needle, according to the law.

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