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Infantile Paralysis Acupuncture treatment

Updated: Saturday, Mar 14,2009, 3:05:07 PM
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1.  Main Manifestations
The chief complaint of the disease is paralysis which is manifested with paralytic and flaccid limbs, mainly lower limbs of one side, or with hemiplegia, paralysis may also occur in other muscles e.g. intercostal muscles and diaphragm, and the condition is severe. In a chronic case, muscles in the affected part get atrophic with deformity of trunk, so the paralysis is refractory.

Points of Yangming Meridians are principally selected and local points from the affected regions are supplemented. Either reducing or reinforcing technique is applied according to the character of the disease.

3.Additional Points
Back knee: Chengfu(BL 36), Weizhong (BL 40) and Chengshan (BL 57).
Inversion of foot : Fengshi (TE 4) and Shanmai (BL 62)
Exversion of foot : Taixi (KI 3) and Zhaohai(KI 6).
Drop of wrist: Yangchi(TE 4) and Zhongquan (EX-UE 3).

4. Prescription
Upper limb paralysis :Jianyu (LI 15), Quchi (LI 11), Waiguan (TE 5), Hegu(LI 4), Dazhui (GV 14) and Tianzhu (BL 10).
Lower limb paralysis : Huantiao(GB 30), Biguan(ST 36), Yanglingquan (GB 34), Xuanzhong (GB 39), Kunlun(BL 60), Sanyinjiao(SP 6), Jiexi(ST 41) and Jiaji(EX-B2) from L1 to L5.
Abdominal muscle paralysis: Liangmen(ST 21), Tianshu(ST 25), Daimai(GB 26) and Guanyuan(CV 4).

1. Parallel needling the lateral line of the front I
2. Parallel superolateral needling the line of occiput
3. Parallel inferolateral needling the line of occiput
4. Commonly used Tuina Manipulations
5. Manipulations for Infantile Tuina

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