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Acupuncture treatment of fire needle therapy

Updated: Tuesday, Feb 25,2014, 9:12:55 PM
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Since it is acupuncture, why should pin it on fire ? What special fire needle effect it ? Experts explained that the fire needle acupuncture and moxibustion is a method of combining . This therapy by the " fire" of the force to take effect , set of needles and moxibustion effect on a directly stimulate the body through the air , the temperature of the internal organs and impotence gas , played the role of disease prevention .

In local terms , the fire can warm the needle through the meridians , to accelerate local blood to run, improve microcirculation, blood stasis was canceled, alpine too loose , too toxic heat diarrhea , pain was removed. Therefore , the clinical use of fire needle treatment of various local points carbuncle , scrofula , herpes zoster , fast and good results .

In overall terms , after quenching fire needle prick through the local meridian stimulation and conduction sensor , can regulate the body's blood , body fluids , yin and yang , qi , both restore the body's organs function activities , but also make the relative balance of yin and yang . As many people local or systemic pain, because the pain is mainly caused by pathogenic cold air , and the heat of the fire can warm the needle with its meridians , encouraging the body yang rising to reach dispel pathogenic cold , harmonic context , pain from ending the overall effect.

From the perspective of modern medicine , fire needle therapy can produce multiple systems on the human body functions adjust effect , enhance immune function , promote metabolism and cell repair .

Fire needle therapy to follow the doctor arranged

Chinese medicine believes that " the wind moving the itch ." Fire evacuation outer needle with the wind , the wind goes out , Blood Circulation itching effect. Fire needle therapy can directly catharsis Cou, so pathogenic wind from the table out ; they can make local blood flow is normal, and itching Cou was raised from the stop .

In fact , fire needle therapy can treat many incurable diseases . When such deficiency in patients with low back pain , impotence, nocturnal emission and other symptoms , the use of fire needle point assassination shenshu , Vital and other points, can play a role in kidney yang , cold stomach yang epigastric pain , ptosis and other symptoms, fire needle prick customs, spleen , abdominal and other points can be transported in temperature coke, by lifting yang , dispel pathogenic cold . Heart Yang who have chest pain, heart palpitations and other symptoms, fire acupuncture Xinyu , the customs and the heart and other parts of the former district can Zhuangxin Yang Yixin gas.

Although there is fire needle therapy cured rot abscess, detoxification, Endometriosis, myogenic sores , spasms and other antispasmodic action ended , but experts remind everyone that not everyone is adapted to fire needle therapy , such as psoriasis, flat warts and other skin diseases with acute exacerbation stage should not use fire needle ; facial caution fire needle ; elderly and infirm, and children and pregnant women should be careful of fire needle ; spirit drunk too tight and disabled fire needle ; critically ill patients , such as heart, liver and severe organic damage, diabetes and other fire needle with caution . If they are adapted to fire needle therapy ? Experts recommend , be sure to go to regular hospitals , listen to the doctor arranged for treatment in the operating professionals.

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