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Acupuncture treatment functional without ejaculation

Updated: Tuesday, Feb 25,2014, 9:15:01 PM
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Functionality not ejaculate pathogenesis

Functionality not ejaculate pathogenesis mostly false is mixed , or due to lack of innate endowment, acquired dysplasia ; or ferrite weakness, loss of kidney essence less ; kidney weakness or lack of agitation ; or emotional injuries , blood stasis ; or fear of renal injury , kidney damage, loss of fine off Division ; or Yu Nu liver injury, liver failure , qi stagnation, caused by fine road barrier ; Heart damage or anxiety , lack of blood fluid source , induced renal lack of sperm loss ; or delusional thinking , desires hyperactivity , causing partial Kang -fire , yin and yang imbalance , fine off not open ; or perineal trauma, bleeding resistance, fine channel closed block ; does not tolerate sexual intercourse or when shot , etc. Stagnation leads to fine orifices ; or diet, feelings cult poison , the breeding of heat, flow injection under the coke , refined blocking awakened ; or frequency in masturbation, kidney damage , fine source depletion, caused ejaculation can not.

Functionality without ejaculation treatment

Expelling blood circulation , dredge the meridians , nourishing the liver and kidney. Select Guan Yuan, in a very, Vital, Ciliao , God the door , coronal sulcus ( dorsal penile penis Coronal and junction ) , and too Creek , Sanyinjiao, shenshu Zusanli other points. So the patient urinates , and fully exposed acupuncture points . First supine position, routine disinfection needle piercing Guan Yuan, in a very, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao each 1.5 inches ; door of God, each one inch too River , 30 minutes from the needle after needle , to the prone position . After routine disinfection, needle piercing Vital, Ciliao , shenshu each 1.5 inch needle for 30 minutes and then , Shi twirling reinforcing-reducing techniques, tactics strengthened once every 10 minutes . Patients church crown ditch selection method , make it night 8:00 Xu , exposed glans penis and Coronal , ignited moxa alignment points at the end , moxibustion 5 to 15 minutes to appear conscious moxibustion at the local deep blush color, warm and unlikely degree burns . Once a day , 10 times as a course of treatment. 7 days rest before the next course . Forbidden sexual intercourse during treatment.

Guan Yuan foot yin and Ren's will , power of good Peibu strength , Daochi tonglin ; in the very capable kidney Xing Yang , pass through ; Ciliao has the benefit of focus , the role of strong waist dampness ; Shen Shu Yi kidney yang, strong waist and Water ; yin foot yin meridians by then rendezvous point, both the spleen , blood, liver and kidney adjustable ; Vital men are fine reproduction of possession have a major impact on the physiological activity of internal organs plays a very inviting , promoting and stimulating effect , these points are the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, the most commonly used acupuncture points . Hand Shao Yin Heart with God through the door , too Foot Shao Yin Kidney 's Creek , and traffic kidneys, spleen and stomach, deficiency of rousing the big hole full three years, not satisfied with the efficacy of the treatment of functional ejaculation , usually 3 courses can be cured.

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