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Acupuncture is a means of treating diseases endemic to China

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 01,2014, 8:56:20 PM
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Acupuncture is a means unique to China 's treatment of the disease . Acupuncture by the "needle" and " moxibustion " constitutes , acupuncture and moxibustion are collectively known . Needle is at a certain point of the needle piercing the patient's body , using twisting and lifting and thrusting techniques such as acupuncture to treat the disease . Moxibustion is the burning moxa fumigation at a certain point the skin , using thermal stimulation to treat the disease .

Today, people's lives are also often used . Acupuncture is a " disease outside the rule ," the medicine , through the meridians , acupoints conduction , and the application of a certain operation of law , to treat systemic diseases. The method according to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine to diagnose the cause , identify key disease , identify the nature of the disease , to determine which lesions are meridians , which organs , identifying it belongs table, cold and heat , the actual situation of that type , do the diagnosis. Then make the appropriate acupoints prescription for treatment. In meridians , adjusting blood , attributed to the relative balance of yin and yang , so that organs function tends to reconcile , so as to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of disease.

Acupuncture role :


Meridians role is to make clear silt blocking the meridians and play their normal physiological role of acupuncture in the treatment of the most fundamental and immediate action . Meridians " which are organs outside network in the limb ," blood is running one of its main physiological functions. Meridian barrier , blood running blocked, clinical manifestations of pain, numbness , swelling, bruising and other symptoms. Select the appropriate acupuncture acupoints and acupuncture techniques and Needle prick bleeding so smooth the meridians , blood running normally.

Yin and yang

Acupuncture can reconcile the role of yin and yang is transformed from a state of imbalance of yin and yang to balance the body , acupuncture treatment is to achieve the ultimate goal . The mechanism of disease is complex , but in general can be summarized as yin and yang imbalance. Acupuncture reconcile the yin and yang of the yin and yang meridians through attributes Meridian completed compatibility and acupuncture techniques .


Acupuncture rousing role is to assist the body upright and can get rid of Evils . The development process and outcome of the disease, in essence, is the process of struggle between good and evil . Acupuncture treatment is that it can play a rousing effect. Acupuncture treatment is characterized not rely on medication , but in certain parts of the body with a needle into the patient , to stab trough nerves and cause local reactions , or local fire burning thermal stimulation to achieve the purpose of medical treatment . The former is called needle, the latter known as moxibustion, acupuncture collectively .

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