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Acupuncture Treatment Periarthritis

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 08,2009, 4:41:39 PM
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According to the author, Ling Xia is on the gallbladder channel which runs through the shoulder. This point courses and promotes the free flow of channel qi. Once qi is obtained, a forceful technique must be applied in order to circulate the qi and, therefore, maximize the analgesic effect on the shoulder. When combined with local an mo massage treatment, this therapy promotes the flow of qi and blood locally. It is effective whether or not electricity is used (to stimulate the needle). It is the author s opinion that the combination of Ling Xia and an mo shortens the course of therapy for the treatment of this condition.

In this clinical study, the author needled the point Ling Xia in the treatment of 86 cases of periarthritis of the shoulder. This point is located in a depression two cun below Yang Ling Quan (GB 34) and was tender upon palpation in the patients treated. Ling Xia was needled on the side of the shoulder pain or bilaterally if the pain was bilateral. A lifting and thrusting needle technique was employed. The needles were retained for a duration of five minutes once the qi was obtained. Patients were then instructed to rotate the affected joint through a wide range of movements. Each treatment lasted 30 minutes and was performed once daily. Ten treatments constituted a single course of treatment. An mo (i.e., massage) therapy was performed concurrently with the acupuncture.

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