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Acupuncture Therapy for Stiff Neck

Updated: Friday, Feb 28,2014, 7:20:00 PM
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Stiff neck is a kind of simple of muscle spasm which can happen all the year around. It is due to the improper position of neck when sleeping, turning the neck when bearing a heavy burden or the attack of wind-cold to the back, the hurt of the local meridians and the irregular qi of the meridians. The clinical manifestations are the strong pain on the neck and limit of the movement of the neck.

Main Acupoints: Yanglao, Xuanzhong, Houxi, Shenmai, Shousanli, Songgen.

Adjunct Acupoints : Neiguan, Waiguan, Chungchu, Yanglingquan.

Method: Take acupuncture mainly on the main points and take one acupoint for one time; if the effect is with little success , the adjunct points can be added. Take acupuncture on any one of the above acupoints and meanwhile the patients should turn the neck on their own initiative and the range should increase gradually. The needles are retained for 15-30 minutes and manipulate the needles once every 2 minutes. Take the manipulation one time a day.

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