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AIDS will be transmitted by acupuncture?

Updated: Tuesday, Feb 25,2014, 9:11:03 PM
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Some people believe that acupuncture needle into the body will be very easy to HIV infection , and therefore very afraid even refused to adopt this therapy. In fact, this concern is unnecessary. Because acupuncture itself and has no side effects , it will not infect AIDS. Just cut off the transmission of the virus , the infection can be avoided completely .

Now many of them are individually packaged acupuncture needles , are single use. If not disposable needles, doctors also attaches great importance to the use of disinfection , such as the use of efficient disinfection liquid, or high-temperature cooking , these measures will greatly reduce the chances of cross-infection .

In fact , if not pin a stained virus headlong into your body , in general, would not infected with HIV when exposed to air one died . Moreover . Needles used in acupuncture , if not disposable. Are sterilized before each use .

Acupuncture is an invasive treatment, repeated use can cause the spread of germs , causing cross-infection , and is not 100% disinfection process to ensure safety . Despite the current lack of domestic acupuncture spread of disease due to statistical information , but some data show that foreign , hepatitis B , hepatitis C , HIV and sexually transmitted diseases are all spread through acupuncture .

In general , as long as strict disinfection , do not reuse needles , generally does not cause the spread of germs , causing cross-infection , in this case , AIDS is not contagious through acupuncture .

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