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Traditional medicine of ethnic minorities

Updated: Thursday, May 07,2009, 12:51:14 PM
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Yunnan province, and in particular its tropical South is rich in biodiversity and ethnic communities with a rich tradition of the use of the properties of the medicine plants. It is also the birthplace of thousands of years Puer tea. Puer, a small town in Xishuangbanna, a product of this brand and tea, roads on which the tea was introduced in neighboring countries, was as famous as the Silk Roads.
The tea tree is growing in the mountain forests of Xishuangbanna. Some trees have attained the age of Babylon and attract visitors.

The Dai people of Xishuangbanna are known for their colorful culture, but also for their traditional medicine. Hospital Jinghong Dai is the only place where the medicine is standardized Dai, used and sold.
Dai The Hospital is also a good place to get treated with steam bath of herbs, the acupuncture, massage excellent or seek the advice of a physician experienced Dai.

Many medicinal plants are collected in the mist of mountain forests of southern Yunnan. Even the famous Puer tea is an inhabitant of the mountain, the forest sub-tropical South China.

Some species of medicinal plants are very rare and due to increasing demand in alternative treatment, they are closer to extinction.

Among the rare species of medicinal plants are spectacular with flowers.

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