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The spring of emotion regulation

Updated: Friday, Mar 19,2010, 3:19:32 PM
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In spring, everything on the earth comes to life and is full of vitality. When spring is approaching, the human metabolism becomes more and more vigorous as well. The spring corresponds to the liver.

As a result, the functional activities of the liver are most vigorous in spring. The liver controls the regulation of qi and blood and prefers free movement. But it is averse to depression and related to anger. If the liver qi is free to regulate qi and blood, then people can adapt themselves to the climatic changes in winter. Consequently, they are healthy and free from diseases. On the contrary, if the liver qi fails to be free, the liver will fail to regulate qi and blood. In this case, people cannot adapt themselves to the climatic variations, giving rise to the corresponding pathological changes such as dizziness, headache, excitement, fatigue, lassitude, thoracic and hypochondriac distending pain and anorexia. Some patients with the mental disease and hepatic disease are subject to the onset in spring.

Therefore, particular attention should be paid to the conformity to the hepatic regulation of qi and blood during the mental regulation in spring. People should be mentally easeful, broad-minded and optimistic so that the yang qi inside the body can be dispersed and the harmony between the body and the outside environmental changes maintained. It is not advisable for people to sleep and sit alone, remain depressed and withdrawn. Furthermore, they should avoid becoming impetuous and angry because fury easily impairs the liver and may induce hypertension, hepatic diseases, apoplexy, etc. as well. If people, together with their families can go for a walk in the country, appreciate flowers and scenery, go on trips to different scenic spots, sing and dance cheerfully to express their emotions and become harmonized with nature during the days of the sunlit and enchanting scene with gentle breeze, this will be even more beneficial to the hepatic regulation of qi and blood and the ascending of the spring yangqi.

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