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The essence of weight reduction in acupuncture

Updated: Thursday, Apr 04,2013, 3:57:23 PM
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The essence of weight reduction in acupuncture is to lose weight in the treatment of obesity, at the same time, to shape your good physique. TCM holds that acupuncture stimulates whole meridians which cover all over the body, connect every organ inside and skin, muscle outside to make human body an organic system. The meridians transfer Qi and blood, supply nutrition, regulate yin and yang, and balance the human function. Obesity is caused by deficiency of kidney-Qi, thick phlegm, stagnant Qi and stagnant blood. Acupuncture stimulates the acupoints and regulates yin and yang through meridians, improves the function of spleen and kidney, assists healthy energy, meets the aim of weight reduction.

Individualized acupuncture
Acupuncture to lose weight obeys the rule of TCM theoretical system, so in clinical treatment, there are different ways to different people. TCM doctors explained that acupuncture weight reduction has a characteristic that the diagnosis and giving of treatment for persons under the weight of each individual physical condition to design appropriate methods of weight loss. Another characteristic is using natural and beneficial weight loss methods. Traditional acupuncture combines with the safety of Chinese medicine, massage, qigong, and so on, and also benefits human.

Weight-watchers are worried most about the rebounding after weight loss. Doctors advise patients, acupuncture weight reduction would not see the result in one or two days, in order to get better effect need operating in treatment. However, if the weight-watchers did not participate in sports, not control diet, weight loss will be futile. As a result, even if satisfied with the effect of weight loss, weight-watchers should also combine with other sports in order to achieve effective results.

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