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Spring,Regulating the daily life

Updated: Friday, Mar 19,2010, 3:16:36 PM
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Chinese medicine theory of life cultivation and rehabilitation, and believing that people should go to bed late at night, to greet the morning full of spring sunshine, let the hair hanging loose clothing, belts, rolling the body in the courtyard of Riga interest rates, so natural and easy to heart, it as in the spring germination and growth. Yang Qi to ascend to heaven in the spring. However, at this time, the wind prevailing climate has changed dramatically. Especially in the early spring, Yang long, just before the cold is still not completely disappear. Therefore, climate change was even more significant.

Attacks are often cold and warm climate change, sudden onset of flu. In addition, the human body yang began to arrive in the look and loose skin striae. Therefore, the disease is relatively less resistant to cold. At this time, rapid temperature changes and exceptions, people should avoid attacks of pathogenic wind of time. Particularly the elderly, children and physical weakness should be promptly and to modify their clothes to keep the body warm.

These people should not wear clothes, less clothes, less steep decline or reduce premature quilt. The ancients called "muffler body in spring and autumn freezing body" is indeed experienced a famous person. Wear appropriate clothing to keep the body warm and weather-strip, so that the body gradually adapt to climate change in the spring. This can facilitate l Young yin and yang of human nutrition and gas.

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