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Pancreatic cancer elderly people are common digestive cancers

Updated: Friday, Jan 15,2010, 10:59:09 AM
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Pancreatic cancer is the old common digestive cancers, the high morbidity rate among men than women. Pancreas separately, body, tail 3, respectively, in the right upper abdomen, middle, left the Department. Cancer after abdominal pain, and cancer sites is consistent and has varying degrees of digestive symptoms. Pancreatic head cancer with jaundice occurring in more, but no specific, early diagnosis difficult. When the diagnosis of cancer often have a clear transfer of poor physical condition, can not tolerate surgery and a poor prognosis.

Prevention of pancreatic cancer must be living, eating habits begin. First bogey eating large quantities of high-fat, high protein, high-sugar foods, this will increase the burden on the pancreas, leading to a corresponding cell proliferation, degeneration and cancer. Animal experiments show that high-fat diet and pancreatic cancer-related; eat high-fat, high-oil, multi-salt foods, can reduce the 2 / 3 of pancreatic cancer. Should be more fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, fresh, diet, need to pay attention to maintaining cereals, beans, sweet potatoes and other coarse grains. Experiments proved that the diet high in fiber, fruits and fresh vegetables of the crowd, were less likely to suffer from pancreatic cancer. Vitamins and trace elements which can be anti-free radical and anti-oxidation, on the anti-cancer benefit.

Three meals a day should be regular, if for some reason, those who have to eat 45 meals from time to time, make the work of the formation of the pancreas a conditioned reflex, beneficial to the protection of the pancreas.

To quit smoking, not drinking, otherwise it will directly harm the pancreas. Tea should be promoted. As long as anemia, bleeding, stomach, inflammation and other diseases, can drink tea, can enhance immune function and prevent cancer. If drinking coffee does not have this effect.

A positive control and pancreatic cancer-related diseases, such as chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones, diabetes, etc., which are related to lifestyle and diet-related diseases.

Chronic pancreatitis can stimulate proliferation of pancreatic tissue; risk of gallbladder disease, such as bile reflux into the pancreas, which contains more cancer-causing substances, and formation of pancreatic cancer-related; cholecystectomy patients, can also be a similar situation; diabetic patients with long-term pancreatic a sign of dysfunction of the pancreas cells to produce chronic irritation, if not protect, might eventually lead to cancer. Experimental animal model. Metformin is an effective chemopreventive drugs, could inhibit the occurrence of pancreatic cancer.

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