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Inquiry of the present symptoms

Updated: Wednesday, Apr 28,2010, 3:25:22 PM
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Inquiry of the present symptoms includes, the present sufferings, discomfort and other information related to the disease.
The present symptoms are the reflections of the present pathological changes and are the important evidences for the diagnosis and syndrome differentiation. Inquiry of the present symptoms (including the location, nature, degree, occurrence and duration as well as the conditions for aggravation or alleviation) is helpful for understanding the cause, location and nature of disease as well as the state of healthy qi and pathogenic factors.
Each disease has its specific main symptoms and secondary symptoms. So inquiry of the present symptoms should concentrate on both the systemic content of inquiry and the basis of chief complaint and the main symptoms.
Inquiry of the present symptoms includes inquiry of fever and cold, sweating, pain, sleep, diet and appetite, defecation and urine and symptoms over the head and face as well as back and limbs. It also covers the symptoms in the andriatry, gynecology and pediatrics.

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