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How Understanding TCM

Updated: Monday, Mar 22,2010, 5:17:12 PM
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To learn more about Chinese medicine, it must have a mastery of the Chinese culture, especially on the philosophy of knowledge, as traditional Chinese medicine theory and development, and in many other areas of the establishment of a combination of ancient times.

Another visit to the understanding of learning traditional Chinese medicine, as anthropology, anthropology of the different cultures of the various systems of the basic mode of thinking focus. International students to study Chinese medicine in China.

In order to become the basic philosophy of Chinese medicine is a prerequisite for the understanding of Chinese medicine theory and practice of understanding. Syndrome differentiation therapy based, are a typical example. In the human body and disease are complex, and therefore the existence of modern medicine and "scientific" some of the taboo. Introducing the Experimental Medicine, Claude Bernard (1813-1878) said that in his view, medicine should not be special, because it is a science, although doctors often told him that there are many features in medicine. Chinese medicine believes that any person is exactly the same person. Therefore, there would be no disease is exactly the same as any other person who will not be a static treatment, can be used many times without any changes. There are also some of the decisions TCM prescriptions. However, in clinical treatment, doctors should always modify the recipe to make them suitable for different patients. This phenomenon seems to be contradictory so-called "repetitive" and "scientific" emphasis. Such a taboo, in fact, quite easy to understand.

According to TCM theory, non-recurring factor is responsible for Chinese medicine focuses on treating patients without the disease. Because no one is completely the same as any other patient's treatment course, is different. In theory, Chinese medicine is superior to Western medicine.

Although there is no absolute same treatment, in many cases, the difference is reflected not only in terms of quantity. This is why the development of Chinese medicine treatment of some of the basic principles and effective prescription reasons. In fact, Chinese medicine treatment is not absolutely impossible to repeat. Whether or not the use of repeating what one of the criteria depends on the analysis. Chinese medicine, "similar" does not always include same andoesnot symptoms and "difference" maym as a modern medical interpretation of the same disease. If we take the clinical manifestations or "similarity" and "difference in the standards of modern medicine," there will be no repetition of non-traditional Chinese medicine.

20 ~ century witnessed twice the incidence of Japanese encephalitis. Western doctors is the first time for use in dealing with the second attack the same treatment, but to no avail. TCM doctors recommend them to change their ways and it proves to be effective. The eyes of a doctor in the West, meningitis occurred in the two are exactly the same, are caused by micro-organisms. However, in the eyes of doctors practicing Chinese medicine, it is different, because the season and the "wet" fluctuations and "hot" changes. Another example is the Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan (Kidney Qi Pills middle) Lee High (1180-1251) development, and for the treatment of stomach. But doctors are now often use it to deal with anemia, neurasthenia, and rectal prolapse. Although the performance of these diseases vary, its causes and nature is the same.

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