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Dietetic therapy prevent aging

Updated: Friday, Mar 19,2010, 3:12:04 PM
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The deficiency of qi and blood body fluid and its metabolism
The moisturizing facial skin or the rough with the Rise and fall of the qi and blood body fluid of human body is closely related .i.e.the "inspection by the patient," said: "moisturizing cover, the blood gas-jung, a bright, enrich the book, the qi and blood mean to moisturizing, moisturizing that there are also bright
A bright light moisturizing, also gas. "" • Lingshu summary chapter, "said:" The rationale vent, sweat take a sponge bath, that is metabolism... ... Moisturizing skin, that is body fluid. "the pointed out that the skin-moisturizing rely to body fluid body fluid and its metabolism if the blood deficiency, So skin eclipse.

Taiyin meridians deficiency
Taiyin refers to the hands-taiyin lung and foot taiyin lien full lunar spleen and lung. Second Feipi dirty air in the generation and transmission of the cloth body fluid metabolism plays an important role.

Both the lung and lien air in the generation and transmission of the body fluid metabolism plays an important role. Lung by inhalation of the gas-money and the stomach of the water-transport refined air, the composition of the gas is the main material foundation; it is healthy and vigorous lung and lien function with close ties to the vicissitudes of the gas. The body fluid metabolism, mainly due to lung Su made the sun goes down, the water diversion and delivery of the spleen of liquid water, and lose body fluid fabric posed by, the lung Qi Deficiency, the body fluid and gas and generate be affected
The lotus rhizome and pig backbone soup
ingredient: lotus rhizome 400g fuling10g dangshen、shudi、baishaoyao8-10g, baishu12g chunqiong5g, pig backbone 600g, shoyu、sesame oil、aginomoto; refined salt quantity sufficient
The method of preparation:
Wash lotus root peeling be cut, cut off pig backbone, dangshen, Fuling, shudi danggui, Chuanxiong, baishao, after washing with a clean gauze wrapped and  total of boiling water release jobs within simmer about 1 hour , To be cooked pig spinal soft, add amount of salt seasoning, sesame oil, aginomoto;, soy sauce transfer food, drink the soup alone. With food table.
Efficacy: Nourishing qi, skin beauty, longevity, applicable to the shortage of blood, an emaciated look of people.

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