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Chrysanthemum pillow for improving eyesight and expelling pathogen

Updated: Thursday, Apr 04,2013, 3:52:01 PM
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Chrysanthemum has many medicine functions such as depriving heat, disintoxicating, dispelling wind-evil, calm the liver and improving eyesight. Whiter chrysanthemum commonly use for calming the liver and improving eyesight, while yellow chrysanthemum mostly use to dispelling wind-evil and depriving heat, according to traditional Chinese medicine experiences. So if improving eyesight, one should drink whiter chrysanthemum tea, while depriving heat, one should drink yellow chrysanthemum tea. It not only has slight incense make mind happy, has also use for improving eyesight and depriving heat in august, which relieve dizziness of two eyes and headache.

Chrysanthemum pillow is very popular in Tang dynast. It is put dry chrysanthemum into pillow, it is said that chrysanthemum pillow has function of mental refreshing and eliminating pathogen. It is enjoyable that lean against chrysanthemum pillow to read book or chat with friends. One will have dream in flowers and less nightmare with clear mind and fresh air, if sleep on chrysanthemum pillow. So it is not only improve life and increase poetic quality, has also method of health cultivation, sweet-smelling pillow that is ancient people advocated.

Nowadays, chrysanthemum pillows mostly use whiter chrysanthemum which one of four famous medicines in the world. It is the best flower for improving eyesight and depriving heat, removing pathogenic summer-heat, having good and solid sleeping.

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