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What pregnant women should pay attention to diet

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 26,2014, 9:57:31 PM
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Stay away from fried food fried foods outside , in the production process could be used cooking oil has been used several times in the frying oil. This repeated over boiling oil has many harmful substances, pregnant mother should stay away from .

Refused to flavor food dining out eat vegetables often do moderate tastes, pregnant mother should eat salty foods to prevent the body water and sodium retention , increased blood pressure or cause swollen feet .

Eat fruit after a meal supplement to compensate for lack of fresh vegetables , pregnant mother is best to eat fruit 30 minutes after lunch to supplement the body lacks vitamins. If the office cleaning inconvenient, pregnant mother can put the fruit in the morning in front of the clean, then wrap with plastic wrap to the company .

Careful selection of beverage drinks mineral water and pure fruit juices should pick a class , caffeinated or alcoholic beverages during pregnancy adversely , it is best not to choose .

Carry bags of milk pregnant mother eating out of workers needed to add some extra calcium-rich food .

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