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The differential diagnosis of bronchial asthma in children

Updated: Monday, Oct 19,2009, 10:22:32 PM
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(A) bronchiolitis

Also known as asthmatic pneumonia, the clinical manifestations cool to asthma, the disease more common in infants less than 1 year of age, more than winter and spring, can be presented epidemic, its difficulty in breathing occurs relatively slow, poor response to the bronchodilators.

(B) asthmatic bronchitis

Clinical manifestations of bronchitis with wheezing, wheezing with inflammation control disappeared; although wheezing but no significant difficulty in breathing; attack slowly, rather than a sudden attack or sudden stop, the course continued to 1 week or so; age increase in the number of wheezing gradually reduced, but there are still about 10% of asthmatic bronchitis in the future into bronchial asthma.

(C) airway foreign body

Also may appear long-lasting asthma-like breathing difficulties, but many foreign body obstruction in the trachea or large bronchi, the main manifestations were the main difficulties in breathing, and asthma is mainly expiratory dyspnea. Foreign bodies such as the side of the trachea, the wheezing and other symptoms is limited to the affected side, ipsilateral and sometimes foreign matter can be heard the slap tone. X-ray and support of fiberoptic bronchoscopy can help diagnosis and treatment.

(D) an increase in eosinophils in tropical disease

As part of the clinical performance similar to asthma, mainly identified as the total number of white blood cells often by up to (10-25) X109 / L, classification in eosinophils was significantly increased, peripheral blood cells in such a long-term than 6%. X-ray visible cloudy shadows, and a changeable, migratory. Children with onset before the parasites may have a history.

(E) bronchial lymph node tuberculosis

The disease can cause stubborn cough and asthma-like breathing difficulties, but no significant phenomenon of paroxysmal attacks. Tuberculin test was positive, X-ray examinations were helpful for diagnosis.


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