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Symptoms Of Gestational Diabetes

Updated: Friday, Nov 05,2010, 10:02:43 PM
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Many doctors believe that women who are overweight or who gain excessive weight while pregnant are at greater risk for gestational diabetes.  There is also a genetic component to this disease as well. Women who are experiencing symptoms of gestational diabetes, which is frequent urination, thirst and hunger, should talk to their doctor immediately about their symptoms. Other symptoms of gestational diabetes include feeling faint or malaise. 


It is important for all women who are pregnant to seek regular medical care.  Women are advised to visit the doctor during the first seven months of pregnancy once a month. They are asked to bring a urine sample to the doctor who will check it for signs of infection as well as increased blood sugar that can indicate gestational diabetes. If a doctor suspects this condition, based upon urine samples or an indication of the symptoms of gestational diabetes, he or she will order further blood tests to confirm this diagnosis. This condition is then treated with a special diet and in some cases, with medication. 


Women who experience the symptoms of gestational diabetes need to speak with their physician as soon as possible upon experiencing the symptoms.  The sooner treatment is sought, the better care can be provided for both mother and baby. Gestational diabetes carries with it potential complications with pregnancy that can affect both the mother and the baby. A doctor will carefully monitor the pregnancy of a woman with this condition as it is considered to be high risk. If caught in time and treated with a special diet, it is possible for this condition to reverse itself after the birth of the baby.  


It is important for women who are pregnant or who are thinking of becoming pregnant be aware of the symptoms of gestational diabetes and know the signs. All women should eat a diet prescribed by the doctor when they are pregnant as a way to keep their weight down and avoid getting gestational diabetes. Those who have this condition need to carefully follow a treatment plan and special diet to control their blood sugar levels. As the presence of this condition can put stress on the baby, most doctors will recommend a C-section over a vaginal birth. A vaginal birth puts stress on the heart of both the mother and the baby which should be avoided for those who have the symptoms of gestational diabetes. 


Eating a healthy diet that is created for women with gestational diabetes is one of the most important aspects of treating this condition. Women should not assume that the condition will go away once the baby is born as in some cases it will manifest into Type II diabetes, a condition that is not reversible. 


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