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Prevention of infantile eczema

Updated: Friday, Jan 08,2010, 1:37:48 PM
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Children with eczema, commonly known as milk ringworm. Its complex causes, is an allergic skin disease. Baby's skin development is not yet perfect, the outermost skin of the cuticle is thin, a rich capillary network, endothelium water and chloride are more diverse, it is prone to allergic reactions. Induced eczema are many reasons, mainly

(1) cattle and sheep milk, beef and mutton, fish, shrimp, eggs and other food allergies;
(2) excessive feeding Erzhi dyspepsia;
(3) candy too much, resulting in abnormal intestinal fermentation.
(4) intestinal parasites;
(5), strong light;
(6), soap, cosmetics, fur thin fibers, pollen, paint stimulation;
(7) line of contact allergenic milk or eat certain foods, through the breast milk affect the Infant;
(8) eczema are also genetic predisposition.

To prevent childhood eczema should pay attention to: (1) Avoid excessive feeding, to prevent indigestion; (2) In the case of cow's milk allergy may be more than the milk boil several times, change its composition structure, to reduce allergenic factors, less milk sugar, or Try the other on behalf of the dairy foods; (3) In the case of certain food allergies, you can begin to eat a small amount, then gradually increase the amount, so that children become accustomed. When you eat eggs, try to eat a single egg yolk, do not eat protein, if necessary, the choice of plant protein foods; (4) food should be rich in vitamins, inorganic salts and water, sugar and fat in moderation, eat less salt, so that the body too much fluid; (5), such as breast-feeding children suffering from eczema, lactating women should be suspended to eat the food cause allergies. In the daily care of children with eczema should pay attention to: (1) minimize the use of soap, and do not have a large alkaline soap. In addition to using cream to apply to the baby's things, without any cosmetics; (2) do not wear synthetic, wool clothing, preferably a soft light-colored cotton clothes should be loose, do not wear more than overshadowed; (3) In order to avoid scratch skin infection that can be used soft Busong Song wrapped his hands, but to ground observations, to prevent the end of a thread winding finger; (4) the scalp and eyebrows and other parts of the callus formed skin, can be coated sterile edible oils, the next day and then gently scrub; (5) in the eczema attack, without vaccination, in order to avoid adverse reactions. Can itchy eczema in children, to sleep, irritability. Drug treatment has some effect. Necessary, in the hospital under the guidance of the use of anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, de-allergy drugs, not their own use any "Fuqing Song" and other hormone ointment. Because these drugs for external use will be absorbed by the skin to bring too many side effects, long-term use can also cause local skin pigmentation or mild atrophy. Children in the after treatment often relapse, as a result of itching and sleep, they can ask the doctor a prescription sedative. If the eczema, purulent infection or fever in children, therefore, should promptly go to hospital for treatment.

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