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Pregnant women should not eat the five food

Updated: Thursday, Mar 13,2014, 9:59:13 PM
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Diet during pregnancy is very important, if you eat during pregnancy should not eat, it is easy to affect the health of the fetus , so pregnant mother who must know more about some of the food taboos during pregnancy , so as to avoid accidents. The following are pregnant eat these foods , friends wanted miscarriage can dont touch these foods !

Pregnant Mom miscarriage five food must not touch


Hawthorn could stimulate blood circulation, expelling consumer product , so the tire adverse pregnancy can cause miscarriage. Modern medicine has also confirmed that hawthorn contraction of the uterus of women , if pregnant women eat lots of hawthorn, will stimulate uterine contractions , and even lead to miscarriage.


Crab taste salty cold, can be heat , scattered congestion , Meridian, continued reinforcement bone , dampness jaundice , toxic paint solution . Especially crab claw , " do not record" long " crab claw main lysing abortion ," the record , therefore , women during pregnancy , do not eat.


Longan sweet and warm, heart, spleen. There are more than prenatal body heat, warm food unfit for human consumption .


Yiyiren help heat the fire, the heat makes the body heavier , variable heat disease , impede the body's blood poly child support . Based on the experience of the ancient physicians , physical cold side, virtual health than pregnant women eat Yiyiren is due. Modern pharmacological studies have demonstrated that Yiyiren excitatory effects on the uterine muscle , will lead to uterine contractions , thus , edible Yiyiren may have induced abortion .

Barley malt , oats

Barley malt , oats both have power and downstream of Hua Chang , a certain role of oxytocin , eat appropriate during pregnancy.

In pregnancy, if not dare eat anything for fetal health , which is unscientific, so Xiaobian introduce you to several miscarriage delicious , let your baby grow up as healthy in your stomach.

Tocolysis carp porridge

Ingredients : a live carp (about 500 grams ) of 20 to 30 grams of ramie root 50 grams of rice , the amount of oil, salt and ginger

Production Method: carp to the scales and intestinal mixed , slices decoction . Then take ramie root water 200 g , 100 g fry , to leave residue juice , into the carp soup, and add rice and onions, ginger , oil, salt amount, boiled gruel .

Usage: daily morning and evening hot food , 3 to 5 days for treatment .

Efficacy: miscarriage , bleeding, swelling. Apply to fetal irritability , under Tailou blood , pregnancy edema.

Tocolysis gelatin and egg soup

Ingredients : gelatin 10 g egg a salt amount

Production Method: 1 bowl of molten gelatin with water , boiled eggs and mix thoroughly Houjiarue glue Danhua Serve.

Usage: 1-2 times a day , salt seasoning clothing.

Efficacy: blood , yin , tocolysis. Applicable due Yinxue of fetal irritability , restlessness and so on.

Tocolysis wolfberries two belly soup

Ingredients: maw 30 grams , 10 grams medlar , tripe 100 g , the amount of spices

Production Method: Wash the pork belly , sliced ​​open maw hair , and wolfberries equivalent put the pot, add some water and cook to two belly cooked Serve.

Usage: drink soup belly and wolfberries , you can use seasoning mix clothes.

Efficacy: blood , yin , tocolysis. Applicable due Yinxue of fetal irritability , restlessness and so on.

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