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Pediatric respiratory disease

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 25,2009, 6:10:31 PM
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Of respiratory tract infections, mainly in the autumn and winter, but the hospital was informed that the children become the treatment of respiratory tract infections among children more complications every day the children come to clinic patients, respiratory disease accounted for more than half, and sometimes up to 70% or more, which Most of the upper respiratory tract infection, and another 23 into the development of pneumonia and other lower respiratory tract infections.

The recent hot weather and low air pressure, it will appear poor appetite, decrease in the secretion of digestive enzymes, the body reduced ability to protect themselves. Coupled with poor immune function of children, especially infants and young children imperfect development of the organs and tissues, such as the pediatric vibrissa rare, can not play the role of dust in the air filter and so on, pathogens easily through the mouth, nose and directly into the respiratory tract and causing infections. In addition, many young parents own their own Heat intolerance, not to the summer season on the early air-conditioned open, due to large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor temperature and the environment surrounding the body caused by frequent changes unexpectedly, also contributed to the poor resistance to respiratory infection of children with multiple classes One important reason for the disease.

Experts suggest that anti-influenza should strengthen the training and enhance their immunity. Children over the age of three morning and evening hours to the park in places such as fast walking or walking and other appropriate activities for infants and children under the age of one should adhere to breast-feeding, to avoid going to crowded, crowded public places; indoor and outdoor temperature difference is best not to Chao Guo 10 ℃; diet drink plenty of water on the note, eat fresh fruits and vegetables; hand, standing some cold medicines commonly used drugs, mild cold symptoms after use of some anti-viral drugs, do not lightly use of antibiotics, but symptoms of serious best to regular hospital for treatment.

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