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Neonatal pneumonia

Updated: Thursday, Dec 31,2009, 3:58:24 PM
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Neonatal pneumonia in the neonatal period is the most common form of acute respiratory infectious diseases, in order to diffuse pulmonary lesions and clinical manifestations of atypical features, and therefore often overlooked or misdiagnosed.

    The main reason the incidence of respiratory tract infection among patients with contact or through other means of infection, the newborn occurred within a few days after giving birth, pneumonia, mostly due to infection in the womb or during delivery, premature rupture of membranes, birth process prolonged inhalation of amniotic fluid and vaginal secretions, or produced in produced in the dirty environment, the bacteria infected with invasive disease. Pathogens in the large intestine, Staphylococcus aureus, deformation, the virus is more common.

    Neonatal pneumonia often do not have typical symptoms. Main features of the froth at the mouth, apathetic, nurse choking, non-feeding; sometimes irritability, vomiting, looking schungite or pale, nose flap, closed inflatable, nodding breathing or irregular breathing or even suspended. In general may not be fever, fever or hypothermia. May from time to cough, even infants and young children common manifestations of bronchial pneumonia, such as: moaning, breathing difficulties, Gu Chang can not easily be discovered early on.

    To prevent this disease, we must do a good job of perinatal health care, prevention and treatment of pregnant women infected with diseases. Avoid dystocia, when the tight labor disinfected to prevent contamination of delivery. Abnormal birth or a history of perinatal infections, newborn should be isolated for observation, if necessary, should be early with antibiotics.

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