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Early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy , what does ?

Updated: Monday, Apr 14,2014, 9:19:48 PM
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Infertility experts, under normal circumstances , the fertilized egg will migrate from the fallopian tube to the uterine cavity , and then settle down , and slowly develop into a fetus. However, due to various reasons, the fertilized egg in the process of migration has gone wrong , did not reach the uterus, but stay down in other places , which became an ectopic pregnancy, the medical term called ectopic pregnancy.

About the early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy have the following main categories:

1 , menopause : more than a 6-8 week history of menopause . 20 % -30% of patients with no history of menopause , irregular vaginal bleeding ectopic pregnancy occurs mistaken menstruation, menstrual expired or because only a few days and not considered menopause .

2 , abdominal pain : is the main symptom in patients with tubal pregnancy . Before pregnancy, rupture usually presents one side of the lower abdominal pain or soreness . When an abortion or rupture suddenly felt like tearing the side abdominal pain, often accompanied by nausea and vomiting . With the flow of blood from the lower abdomen whole abdomen, lower abdominal pain may spread to the whole abdomen caused the whole abdominal pain.

3 , vaginal bleeding : After the death of the embryo , often irregular vaginal bleeding, dark red or dark brown color , less guttate , generally no more than menstrual flow . Vaginal bleeding usually stops after the lesion can be removed .

4 , syncope and shock : Due to abdominal bleeding and severe abdominal pain , light often syncope , severe shock. The more the amount of bleeding sooner , the more severe the symptoms , but not directly proportional to the amount of vaginal bleeding .

5 , abdominal mass : a longer time to pregnancy, abortion or hematoma formed by rupture due to blood coagulation and adhesion with the surrounding tissue or organ mass formation occurs .

Ectopic pregnancy seriously endangers the health of women and the fetus , if not treated early , the consequences could be disastrous , experts recommend that pregnant women should often go to the hospital for a full range of professional gynecological examinations , to avoid adverse consequences .

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