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Chinese medicine approach to help pregnant

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 06,2011, 2:26:59 PM
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Doctors believe that: The mechanism of conception depends almost Shenqi strong, true negative enough, blood rolls, collaterals open. So, how can we reach these areas, listen to traditional Chinese medicine experts recommend it given the pre-pregnancy.

In Chinese medicine, yin and yang theory, there is also the argument that the Five Elements, the five elements to describe the characteristics of the five organs of the body's physiological functions. The liver is wood, spleen territory, the heart is a fire, the lung is a gold, kidneys are water, internal organs in the physical interaction, the pathological interaction, are allelopathy relationships, such as liver Qi stagnation will lead to the spleen, an organ with problems will lead to other organs also have the problem. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine preparations in pregnancy, is very particular about the systemic conditioning, rather than a particular organ. However, because of kidney, liver, spleen function the greatest impact on women's blood, so when the pregnancy is even more concerned about conditioning:

Kidney: In Chinese medicine theory which, as the birth of the kidney, kidney reproduction, if kidney function is damaged, it will affect the pregnancy, and even lead to infertility or miscarriage.

Prescription diet: leeks fried chicken

Ingredients: 500 g leeks 100 grams of chicken shrimp 15 grams.

Method: Wash the leeks, cut into small pieces, boil hot, into the amount of cooking oil, leek, chicken and shrimp with fried, add a little salt.

Effects: Warming Liver.

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