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Children with acute pharyngitis

Updated: Wednesday, May 05,2010, 3:31:02 PM
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Children because the immune system is not sound, low resistance, so when the disease with acute pharyngitis than adults as the most important clinical manifestations are obvious. Thus, prompt medical treatment with patients, time rational drug use, with special attention to care. To give children drink boiled water, light diet, ground with a light salt water gargle, to ensure adequate sleep to reduce activities, indoor air should be fresh, moist, and close observation of sick child's condition changes, to prevent acute pharyngitis caused by the nose and throat , trachea, bronchus, lung, ear and other concurrent infections. Certain acute infectious diseases such as measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever, etc. are often similar to acute pharyngitis precursor of the performance, parents should pay attention to the fever 1-2 days later, children with oral mucosa and skin with or without characteristic rash appears, and whether the tongue like the tongue and changes in Yangmei to avoid misdiagnosis.

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