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Children capillary bronchitis

Updated: Thursday, Dec 17,2009, 2:34:50 PM
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Bronchiolitis lesions occurred mainly in the lungs of the small bronchi, that is, capillary bronchial, so disease called "capillary bronchitis." The pathogen is mainly bronchiolitis respiratory syncytial virus, can account for 80% or more; other followed by adenovirus, parainfluenza virus, rhinovirus, influenza virus, etc.; small number of cases caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection virus, a small bronchial capillary congestion, edema, increased mucus secretion, together with necrosis of epithelial cells, which blocked off the lumen, resulting in significant emphysema and lung atelectasis. Yan-Ping's party, government can affect alveoli, alveolar walls and pulmonary interstitial, so that it is a special type of pneumonia.

Bronchiolitis is a common form of pediatric acute upper respiratory tract infection, which is different from ordinary bronchitis or bronchitis, clinical symptoms such as pneumonia, but the asthmatic mainly the disease mostly occurs in children under the age of 25, 80% of In less than 1 year of age, most children under 6 months.

Typical bronchiolitis often occurred in the upper respiratory tract infection 2 -3 days buckle, a persistent dry cough and fever, body temperature to be in low-grade fever for the view, characterized by asthmatic episodes, after the occurrence of disease in order to Asthmatic 2 Day 3, more serious asthmatic attack by breathing significantly faster, reaching 60 -80 times per minute or more, accompanied by breath gas hose extension and Hohhot stridor; clearly show that children with severe nasal inflammatory, and "Au sign "(that is, when inspiratory supraclavicular fossa, the fossa and upper abdominal sternum depression), his face pale, mouth-week hair blue, or purple occurs, children often irritability, moaning more than; disease in children may be more emphasis on energy merger failure or respiratory failure, treatment can alleviate the majority of cases and rarely die.

Children should be promptly taken to the hospital after onset of treatment, due to bronchiolitis caused by viral infection, and therefore do not need to use the general incidence of early antibiotic therapy better than. Such as the incidence of post-secondary bacterial infection can be suspected of antibiotic in each treatment, the main treatment to symptomatic treatment can be summarized as "calm and cough," In addition, good care is also important, especially careful not to disturb the children so quiet rest , interior to maintain a certain degree of humidity, can be severe in children with inhalation, and timely suction to maintain airway patency can also be used traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

The prognosis of the majority of bronchiolitis is good, the course is generally 5 days -9 days after the occurrence of disease in the Kechuan 2 -3 days of recovery, it should be noted that Sakamoto suffered capillary bronchitis in children in the future susceptible to asthma , through a national epidemiological survey of asthma in children and infants to track follow-up of children with bronchiolitis and found that 20% -40% of the children with subsequent development of a Home for children with asthma, therefore, we should actively combat capillary bronchitis, in order to reduce the incidence of asthma.

Bronchiolitis can sometimes present a popular, 70 years in China's southern rural incidents had occurred three times in the popular, 80 years Yuncheng in Shanxi, 90 years in Beijing, Tianjin, popular, popular in the south early 70s when the right of this disease is still lack of awareness, when the disease name varies pathogen is unknown, after the organization of national coordination by the Ministry of Health to conduct monitoring and research of popular, party named as the "epidemic asthmatic pneumonia", in order to determine the pathogen, medical researchers after years of study, and finally in 1997 and successfully isolated from the epidemic asthmatic pneumonia pathogens a respiratory syncytial virus, and identify the pathogen epidemic respiratory syncytial virus subtype A, which in the future production of effective vaccines for the prevention of Capillary in the prevalence of bronchial raised an important basis.

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