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Children Asthma

Updated: Sunday, Oct 11,2009, 9:26:09 PM
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Asthma is a disease manifested clinically by paroxysmal wheezing with shortness of breath, prolonged expiration, wheezing and in severe cases and the inability to stay horizontal. Xiao refers to noise, while Chuan out of breath. The diseasetcmwell.com

Asthma is a disease manifested clinically by paroxysmal wheezing with shortness of breath, prolonged expiration, wheezing and in severe cases and the inability to stay horizontal. Xiao refers to noise, while Chuan out of breath. The disease...

Asthma is a disease manifested clinically by paroxysmal wheezing with shortness of breath, prolonged expiration, wheezing and in severe cases and the inability to stay horizontal.  Xiao  refers to noise, while  Chuan  out of breath. The disease is asthma and bronchitis ASTH Mantic Western medicine. Asthma occurs in all seasons of the year marked the beginning of the season. Appears mainly in winter, seasonal, or time. While great emphasis on prevention and treatment time for treatment if the disease occurs frequently over a long period, it is time for a life no end.
The causes of asthma are internal and external factors. The internal factor is the maintenance of fluid and mucus in the body. Keeping the mucus is clear that the absence of lung, spleen and kidneys. The metabolism of human body fluids is closely linked to lung, spleen and kidneys are. The metabolism of normal fluid in the body depends on the dispersion and descending functions of the lungs, transport and processing functions of the spleen and warming the kidney function. If Lung Qi is the lung does not disperse and distribute the descent and had thus accumulated mucus from the liquid becomes whether the Qi of the spleen, the spleen, and not to carry water and food to turn to in order to concentrate mucus towers humidity when the kidney qi, kidney qi not bring all its activities, leading to an excess of water due to kidney Yang turns into mucus evaporation. If the kidney yin deficiency of the internal heat of the body fluid cytology and burning. The external factors of the disease include, above all, the six exogenous pathogens windcold heat and air, great.

 In this case, the sludge is disturbed latency, and increases with increasing the Qi develops asthma. In short, the incidence of asthma, the effect of practice in which the impact of external causes to internal factors.

The opening is sharp, with precursors such as sneezing, coughing, etc. before entering. Or suddenly in the night, and the events of the rattle in the throat, shortness of breath, or even impossible in a horizontal position, discomfort and unrest.

This disease is often caused by climate change as a result, cold or contact with certain substances anaphylactogenic.  The patient is a history of childhood eczema or family history of allergy.

Discovered auscultation of the lungs wheezing proliferation of lung and prolonged expiration.

Asthma occurs regularly by internal and external causes, and is divided into stages of the attack and the recession syndrome differentiation.

At this stage the attack, the disease is often divided into cold and heat from different types of asthma Asthma pathogens. Cold, cough asthma often occurs with dyspnea, rales neck fine white foamy sputum, accompanied by the syndrome out of the wind and cold. Heat Asthma occurs often cough, asthma with wheezing, sonorous voice and shortness of breath and tuberculosis, creamy yellow fever, chest respiratory distress syndrome shows phlegm and heat prevented lung. At the approval stage of the disease can in 3 syndromes of lung qi vacuum, spleen and kidney qi deficiency qi in the various bodies involved Zang Fu classified. Lung Qi often shows pallor, shortness of breath, weakness, polyhidrosis repeated attacks of cold spit Qi, often abundant, upper abdominal fullness, poor diet, loose stools and fatigue, the Kidney Qi is often manifested by harmonizing vulnerable to breathing difficulties to try, cold, aversion to cold, cold limbs, or severe nocturia, enuresis, etc..

The principles of asthma therapy is to eliminate pathogens, treatment of symptoms secondary to the scene. Therapeutic methods must be eliminated to increase the temperature of the lungs and sputum, asthma, damages the heat. Lungs, remove phlegm and asthma, according to the situation of pathogenic cold or heat. The adoption of the directive, the therapeutic method of removing sputum latent in the body, preventing the strengthening of the lungs, spleen and kidneys with asthma.

The main symptoms of cough, cold asthma with respiratory problems, sore generally rather thin, sparkling white body and spit cold anhirosis, cold feet or nasal discharge thin, dark skin and slow, red tongue with thin layer of whitish or whitish greasy language water and slippery pulse.
 Healing lung of the planet to solve and eliminate sputum asthma.

Prescription drugs and prescription Xiaoqinglong invention is a modified 4 g Zhimahuang (Herba Ephedrae praeparata), 6 g compound Guizhi (RAMULUS cinnamomi), 6 g Ban Xia (Pinelliae Rhizo-MA), 3 g Xixin (Herba Asari), 4 g Ganjiang (rhizoma Zingiberis), 6 g WuWeiZi (Fructus Schisandrae), 10 g Xingren (semen armeniacae amarum), 10 g Ziwani (Radix and rhizoma Aster) and 3 g Gancao (Radix Glycyrrhizae).

Change for the patient with respiratory distress due to obstruction of sputum, 10 g Zisuzi (Fructus Perillae), l0 g Laifuzi (semen raphani) and 8 g Baijiezi (Semen Sinapis alba added) for patients with severe cough, 10 g Baiqian (rhizoma Dog stauntonii-strangling vine) and 10 g Kuandonghua (Flos Farfarae) were added for patients with severe asthma, 10 g Tinglizi (semen Lepidii seu Descurainia) and contained 8 grams Dilong (Lumbricus), because the PA won the route tracing syndrome, 10 g Fangfeng (Radix Ledebouriellae) and 10 g Zisuye (folium Perilliae) were added.

Heat main symptoms of asthma and asthmatic symptoms in cough with expectoration and rattling, and thick yellow sputum, sonorous voice and shortness of breath, chest discomfort and fullness, discomfort, thirst, fever, constipation, yellowish urine, red tongue with thin fur and yellow or yellow and greasy, slippery and rapid pulse.

Ic methods to resolve the compensation heat therapist sputum of asthma and lung soothing.
Prescription Drugs and the recipe used for the removal of Asthma decoction 3 g Zhimahuang (Herba Ephedrae praeparata), 10 g Xingren (semen armeniacae amarum), 10 g Huang Qin (Radix Glycyrrhizae), 10g Tinglizi compound (semen Lepidii Descurainia Sen), 10 g zisuzi (Fructus Perillae), 10 g Sangbaipi (Radicis Cortex Mori), 10 g Kuandonghua (Flos Farfarae), 10 Qianhu (Radix Peueedani) g, 6 g Zhike (Fructus aurantii) and 3 g Gancao (Radix Glycyrrhizae).


 Children Asthma

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