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Baby's height is a complex issue

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 06,2011, 2:22:44 PM
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Baby's height is a complex issue, involving genetic, environmental, diet, exercise, sleep, mood and other aspects, too much emphasis or neglect of a part, are less than ideal results, if drilling, and more prone to problems.

Baby height growth law observed data show that 2 to 3 years old baby's height and adult height are closely related, that is, 2 to 3 years old child is less than the height of the baby the same age, would mean relatively short adult height the. So to grasp the 0 to 3 years of rapid growth and development period, if the parents of short stature, not to miss this stage. To grasp many things, such as balanced nutrition, sleep good, optimistic mood, etc., where the focus on sports issues.

The direct command of the baby long a growth hormone, and sports can significantly increase growth hormone secretion.

To promote the sport grow taller

A bouncing movement and swimming. Because the bottom of the femur and lower leg in a top line growth zone or growth (epiphyseal plate of bone side), when the rope skipping, Tiaopi Jin, hopscotch, jumping, swimming and other sports, the epiphyseal plate of the bone ends to produce positive stimulus to accelerate bone cell proliferation, thereby promoting bone growth.

And upside down suspension movement also helps long sub, but only suitable for large baby puberty, the 3 year old baby is not appropriate, there is a certain risk.

Weightlifting, barbells and other weight-bearing exercise is not conducive to the baby to grow taller.

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