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What are the symptoms of sinusitis?

Updated: Monday, Mar 09,2015, 8:59:18 AM
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1, systemic symptom: one side in the course of acute rhinitis symptom is aggravating, then appear chills fever, aches, lethargy, loss of appetite, etc., with acute tooth source sex maxillary sinusitis systemic symptom more drama. Children high fever, serious tic can occur, systemic symptom such as vomiting and diarrhea.

2, local symptoms

(1) the nasal obstruction: with nasal mucosal hyperemia swelling and secretions accumulated, can appear the same persistent nasal congestion.
(2) the pus stuff: with the lateral nasal contains more stick purulent or purulent secretion blow out, beginning when stuff may take a little blood, tooth source sex pus stuff smells maxillary sinusitis.
(3) local pain and headache: acute sinusitis except inflammation in nasal pain often accompanied by a severe headache, this is because the sinus cavity mucosal swelling after emptying of negative pressure and fluid retention oppression or secretion, stimulate trigeminal nerve endings. Acute sinusitis regularity of pain has its time and place. Group of sinus near skull surface, before its headache in the forehead, more angular and cheekbones, and the group of sinus in the depth of the skull, the headache after on, occipital in more. Acute maxillary sinusitis: often the forehead, cheek, or the above molar pain, morning light, in the afternoon. Acute DouYanChen up the forehead pain, gradually increasing, afternoon, late to all but disappear. Sieve sinusitis headache is lighter, more confined to the angular or nasal root, can also be radiation to on. Manifestations of the eyeball sphenoiditis deep pain, can radiation to on, also can appear light in the morning and afternoon occipital headache. But some pain symptoms are not typical, not only according to the characteristics of the headache to determine the involvement of the sinuses.
(4) the sense of smell.

3, disease

And affects patients' quality of life, may result in lower respiratory tract infections, severe cases may cause orbital and intracranial complications.

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