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What are the main cause of nasopharyngeal carcinoma?

Updated: Saturday, Aug 09,2014, 4:44:07 PM
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The etiology is not very clear, there is a close relationship between the disease and virus, genetic, and environmental factors.

1,  genetic factors: the pathogenesis of NPC area obviously, has obvious ethnic and familial aggregation. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma occurring in yellow, rarely white people suffering from the disease. The familial high nasopharyngeal carcinoma such as overseas, their descendants still tends to maintain the high incidence. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients often have obvious family history. These phenomena indicated that the genetic background plays a certain role in the disease occurrence.

2,  viral factors: more than 90% of the people in our country, the young have been infected by the EB virus, EB virus infection is very common. And the occurrence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma with different areas, therefore cannot be considered to cause the infection of EB virus is in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. But in a lot of research and found the relationship between EB virus and nasopharyngeal carcinoma is very close.

The serum in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients by ELISA for detection of anti EB virus capsid antigen immunoglobulin A (VCA/IgA), found that the positive rates of the antibody was 90.9%, while the other tumors, including head and neck cancer, the antibody positive rate was only 3.5%, the antibody positive rate of normal people is 0.6%. At the same time, VCA/IgA antibody titers with the rehabilitation of the disease and decrease. Conversely, when the disease recurrence or progression, and significantly higher antibody titer. In addition, no matter in high incidence area or lower in the patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, EB virus nuclear antigen (EBNA) 100% was positive, and the other head and neck cancer all negative.

Based on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique were detected in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells, confirmed the existence of a fragment of EB virus (DNA and BamHIW fragments), while in the normal nasopharynx tissues is not exist this fragment.

In vitro, containing EB virus cell line infected nasopharyngeal epithelial cells, infected epithelial growth accelerated, mitoses are also common. In nasopharyngeal carcinoma, EB virus not only in a dormant state, and the replication of the virus.

Even so, the EB virus is the cause of nasopharyngeal carcinoma is still not sure not, down. Further research is underway.

3, environmental factors: the high incidence area of predilection for the local fish, bacon, pickles, nitrite content in these foods high and contains a certain amount of nitrosamines and its compounds. Two the nitroso piperazine (DNP) has been shown to induce mouse nasopharyngeal epithelial atypical hyperplasia, carcinoma in situ, invasive cancer, inducing rate of 40%. The nitrosamine compounds and is closely related to the onset of nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

The combination of oral and topical treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma "triple balance therapy" in traditional Chinese medicine, lesion location and the main and collateral channels acupoint drug combination, treatment and rehabilitation at the same time, because of the overall treatment of view, focus on the adjustment of body balance of yin and Yang, so no recurrence, persistent and stable effect. Operation, radiotherapy, chemotherapy is equivalent to "attack", "triple balance therapy" the operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy as "toxic" part, used properly, can improve the curative effect. The patient entered the stage of rehabilitation, prolong life, ease pain, improve life quality!

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