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The treatment of cataract

Updated: Monday, Mar 03,2014, 6:58:11 PM
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Cataracts , how should we treat it ? Here we take a look at cataract treatment.

Drug treatment

No exact effect of drug treatment , both at home and abroad in the exploratory research stage , some early cataract, after medication may slow down the development of the disease idler vision also increased slightly , but not necessarily the result of drug treatment , because early cataracts progress to maturity is a more lengthy process, it is possible to stop at a certain stage of development of natural and will not seriously affect vision. Some medium-term patients , visual acuity and cataract lens opacity none improvement after treatment . Nearly mature cataract, no drug therapy more practical sense. The drugs currently used clinically less than dozens , there are eye drops or oral administration of the medicine , but have no definitive treatment.


1 surgical approach :

( 1 ) phacoemulsification : a new type of cataract surgery carried out at home and abroad in recent years . This surgery is mainly concentrated in the country to carry out more advanced cities . The lens nucleus using ultrasound crushed like it was chyle , then suck out together along with the cortex , after surgery to retain the lens capsule , which can chamber intraocular lens implantation . The development of senile cataract visual acuity less than 0.3 , lens opacity in the immature central core of relatively soft , suitable for phacoemulsification surgery. The advantage is small incisions , less tissue damage , shorter operative time , faster visual recovery .

( 2 ) extracapsular cataract extraction surgery : with vintage different extracapsular cataract extraction , which need to operate under the operating microscope , a small incision over the intracapsular extraction surgery , the cloudy lens nucleus discharge , suck out the cortex, but after leaving the lens capsule . After the capsule is retained at the same time posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation , postoperative visual function can be restored immediately . Therefore , extracapsular cataract extraction has become a routine way of current cataract surgery .

( 3 ) intracapsular cataract extraction : a surgery to completely remove the cloudy lens from the eye . This surgery requires a large incision , because a lens capsule during surgery was removed, it can not simultaneously posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation .

2 After Note : After implantation of intraocular lens , the general should pay attention to the following questions:

( 1 ) should pay attention, do not think that everything will be fine after surgery , should strengthen the observation, attention to eye surgery without pain , with or without IOL position skewed or dislocation, anterior segment inflammation or without exudation , iris and pupil are adhesions and so on. Go to the hospital after 1 week , including visual acuity, intraocular lens and fundus . One month after doctor , regular review.

( 2 ) 3 months after surgery should avoid strenuous exercise, especially down the action , avoid over exertion , prevent colds.

( 3 ) several times a day within a month after clearance with hormones and antibiotics eyedrops , and the role prescribed drops with weaker eyedrops to dilate , to prevent pupil adhesions. Over the long-term use of hormone eyedrops , should pay attention to intraocular pressure situations , to avoid steroid-induced glaucoma.

( 4 ) keep the stool , eat spicy food , avoid alcohol , eat more fruits and vegetables.

( 5 ) after three months should go to the hospital routine examination , and for refraction , refractive changes may have to be corrected optometry . Usually a month after normal work and study.

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