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Several ocular diseases diabetic complications

Updated: Monday, Mar 03,2014, 7:32:26 PM
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First, myopia: myopia symptoms mainly for people who have not occurred myopia myopia or myopic eyes degree changing. So, when you replace the glasses, you should think about whether the presence of diabetes may occur.

Second, ptosis: drooping eyelids suddenly appeared on one side (the upper eyelid drooping, open eyes), elderly patients generally more acute onset, mostly on one side of onset, often accompanied by facial pain, and eye movement is limited , double vision may occur shadow, then it should promptly consult a doctor to make a correct diagnosis and treatment.

Third, the cataract: more performance for visual acuity decreased.

Fourth, the paralytic strabismus: more performance for the sudden onset, to see things double shadow, eye movement is limited. Appearance was in the eye outward or inward deflection. In addition, patients may feel dizzy, ataxia, more severe cases may also be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, then you should promptly find the cause aggressive treatment.

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