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Observation of the nose and mouth, To see the body is healthy

Updated: Thursday, Nov 10,2011, 5:14:03 PM
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From nose to see health

Dry nose

Nose to play the normal ventilation and olfactory function, must rely on lung reconcile, breathing Chang Lee. Dry nose, breathing with heat, Hyperactivity is often caused.

Nasal congestion

Generally due to the lung caused by the cold. Japanese medical studies have shown that nasal congestion is also related with poor gastrointestinal function, not just focus on the smooth nose, gastrointestinal tract and maintenance just as important.

From the mouth to see health

Lip color

Lips thin, fully reflecting the redness of the skin. Lip shallow, red blood cells may be insufficient. Proposal to change the recipes, eat tofu and animal offal, thereby reducing the symptoms of anemia. When the temperature increases, the body regulating function, cheeks and lips, tongue only partially red. Eat more fresh fruit, drink plenty of water, can help you resolve the body of excess heat, so lip color back to normal.

Broken mouth

When the stomach in a state of fatigue, will lead to heat, causing swelling and rupture of the mouth. Recommend eating a few more to chew, absorb and digest food. Stomach "temperature" is reduced, mouth swelling will soon disappear.

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